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How to Protect Yourself Against Car Theft

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-09-13
Can you safeguard yourself against car theft? We recount our top five tips on how to beat thieves at their own game.
Sadly, gone are the days when we could simply leave our cars unlocked and return to them after running an errand. Car theft is an inevitable part of our world. It is something we think about on a daily basis when we park our cars. Despite our best efforts, many of us still fall victim to having our cars tampered with. Is there something more we can do?

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Our Top Five Tips to Protect Your Car Against Car Theft

5. Check, Check and Check Again

How many times have you got out of your car at the shops and carelessly hit the car lock button without so much as a glance in your car's direction? The biggest part of avoiding car theft is making sure you have at least safeguarded your vehicle by locking all the doors. Another reason why you should always check you have locked your car properly is car jamming. In recent years, car jamming has gained favour with car thieves as it effectively overrides your car remote and prevents the car from locking.

4. Consider Where You've Parked

Parking your car in a visible location boosts it's security greatly. A car thief is far less likely to try steal your car if it is in plain view of foot traffic. Naturally, car thieves will target cars that are in hidden away and in dimly lit parking spaces. So while it may be tempting to avoid paying a parking ticket at a mall, bite the bullet to ensure your car's safety. thief-stealing-a-car

3. Tracking System

Okay, so it won't prevent a car theft entirely but, thanks to technology, you will know within seconds if something is wrong. Tracking systems have come a long way and now pick up abnormalities in your driving habits and will send you alerts in the event of abnormal pressure or unusual routes. Not to mention, if your car is stolen, a device placed in your vehicle allows you to pinpoint your car's exact location. This gives you a good chance of getting it back and, hopefully, the thief getting prosecuted.

2. Nothing On The Seats

Whether or not you already do this, it is vital you leave nothing in plain view in your car. You never know what will be of value to a car thief. So it is best to make sure your car is clear of any valuables. Alternatively, store your belongings in your concealed boot. Nothing is as safe, however, as when it is with you. car-insurance-comparison

1.  Get Car Insurance

With all the above tips, there may come a fateful time when a car thief still manages to get away with your vehicle.
According to, the top most stolen cars in South Africa are as follows:
  • Toyota HiAce.
  • Nissan 1400.
  • Hilux (Toyota).
  • Venture (Toyota).
  • Corolla (Toyota).
  • Fortuna (Toyota).
Whether or not you own or drive a car listed above, it is imperative that you get cover. In the event of car theft, if you have car insurance, you can rest a little easier knowing you have diligently paid your premiums every month and will be compensated accordingly by your car insurance provider.

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