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How To Sell Your Car Online, ASAP!

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-02-16
Selling your car can be a lengthy, frustrating process. We take a look at ways to minimize this by creating the perfect online ad.
When it comes to putting your car on the market, there may be a million reasons why it doesn't sell in a flash. The secondhand car market can be fickle and, like most secondhand industries, people want perfection for a fraction of the original retail value. So, how do you sell your car? And, how can you gauge how long it will take to sell a car online?
Gumtree says, "Each vehicle and transaction is different, so it is important not to become discouraged if your vehicle does not sell right away."

So, How Do You Sell Your Car The Right Way?

The time it takes to sell your car will depend on a variety of factors:

1. In-Demand Brands

This shouldn't be much of a surprise. Vehicle models that are in-demand, like the Volkswagen VW and the Toyota Hilux, will always sell quicker than less popular vehicles.

2. Kilometres Driven

One of the golden rules for secondhand buyers is to look at the amount of kilometres driven in the vehicle and over what period of time.

3. The Price

Price has a large impact on how quickly a car sells, which is why it is vital to be realistic. This does not mean you should sell your car for next to nothing, just to make a sale, as this could indicate a red flag to buyers. One of the best things you can do is to get it valued by an official assessor. This will pull more rank in your car ad and is likely to make the car more attractive to buyers. Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro, joint MD at CarZar comments,
"Given the tight economic conditions currently (and into the foreseeable future), there is a shift in the market towards vehicles that are cheaper to run. This includes preferring diesel over petrol engines, opting for smaller engines, and buying vehicles with lower repair and maintenance costs (generally cars that are smaller and less complex)."
A higher-priced car may sit for longer until the right buyer comes along. So, do not expect a fast sell if you are not willing to negotiate the price. If you want a quick sale, put some research into the pricing process. For a quick sale, research the pricing process and analyse classified ads in your area to compare your vehicle. Determine a price point and start your price a little under the average. When potential buyers browse through vehicles for sale, ones with low price-points will often grab their attention.
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4. The Ad

A poorly constructed ad with low-quality, or no, images is unlikely to sell quickly. Make sure your ad is catchy and contains information that buyers need to know. Be sure to list any features that set your car apart from the rest. Getting the buyer interested is the first step in selling your car. So. spend some time putting the ad together. List any flaws on the car as well so you do not waste your time or the buyer's. If you are willing to make a deal with a buyer, let it be known that you are willing to negotiate.

5. Condition Of The Vehicle

While it is impossible to change the age or mileage accrued on the car, there are other things you can do to make your car more appealing. Ask the question, "How will I really sell my car?" If you're still clueless as to how to make your car more appealing. Keep reading. Give it a full detailing and spend some time attending to the interior and exterior. To make your car more appealing to buyers, give it a full detailing and spend some time attending to the interior and exterior.

How to improve the condition of your used car:

  1. Clean the carpet.
  2. Polish the wheels and cover any minor scratches.
  3. Get any minor or inexpensive repairs fixed.
  4. Change the oil.
  5. Get the tyres rotated.
  6. Check all fluids.
  7. Finally, keep all receipts to show potential buyers that the car has been well-maintained.

6. Being a Pushy Seller

As mentioned above, getting buyers interested is the first hurdle. Keeping them interested is the next. Coming across as a pushy seller who wants the transaction to happen quickly, however, may put off potential buyers.

Gumtree suggests the following:

  1. Be friendly, let them ask the questions and answer honestly.
  2. Offer to let them test drive the vehicle.
  3. Show them that you are knowledgeable about the vehicle
  4. Offer to show maintenance and service receipts.
  5. Let them start the negotiation process. If their offer is to low, stay friendly as they may reconsider later.

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