How to Travel on a Shoestring Budget

The word travel leads to the word money, which most normal people don’t have.
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Written By: Melissa Nyman This is no doubt the biggest factor causing people to back out of going forth with exploring the world; and many go through their entire leaves neglecting their once long life dream of doing so. How do people do it without quitting their jobs and do so on a measly shoestring budget? Here are a few tips to assist the aspiring traveller to begin planning. Save With Someone Without the right support system, most things are hard to do, let alone saving. The best tip to kick off practical planning, is to find someone who's as eager as you and start saving money. If you're able to save an entire pay check between the two of you and then live off the other's salary then you're well on your way. Bear in mind this is dependent on whether your salary is considered a decent wage. Get the Cheapest Airfare Airfare is the biggest money woe you receive when it comes down to saving money. The best way to do this is to make use of comparison sites. They break down the cheapest airfare possible without the hassle. Also making sure you sign up for the latest travel deals is the best way to stay in the loop when it comes to getting the cheapest travel flights. Choose the Right Bank Understanding whether your bank is one which meets your travel needs comes down to a few things:
  • Is your bank charging you the cheapest fees out there?
  • Are overseas transactions something your bank doesn't charge for?
If your answer to both of these questions were "yes", then your bank is travel-friendly. If not, then making transactions abroad will cost you money you could be saving. Choose the Right Insurance Many who travel don't completely understand the importance of insurance when abroad, whether it's for your car or the much-needed travel insurance many tend to neglect. If anything injuries occur abroad, travel insurance is the only way you receive healthcare. Additionally some countries require you to have third-party motor insurance to drive in particular areas. Thus, it's absolutely essential when it comes to saving money that you understand and get the cheapest car insurance and travel insurance out there. Prioritise Your Budget Familiarise yourself with your all your costs and budget efficiently to save on every penny possible. If you're not good at budgeting, there are online budget planners that work excellently to save you money. This is key to making travel dreams come true. Hold Back On Take-Away and Alcohol Unless your day was extremely awful, indulging in take-away, bars, alcohol, restaurants etc. is something reserved for special occasions. Saving With Food Instead of spending money on food, save money by:
  • Eating things like pasta, burritos or enchiladas etc.
  • Anything you can make an excessive amount of.
  • Foods to take to work for lunch the next day.
  • Cutting down on meat by living a vegetarian lifestyle.
Public Transport Is Your Budget Buddy Fuel eats into anyone who owns a vehicle's budget. Making use of a public transport is what you need to do if you travel budget is low. Participate In Cultural Activities The weekend is the mother of temptation, when you're eager to explore and going out costs! There is a way to resolve the urge without laying at home bored out of your mind. Use the internet or newspaper and discover the cheap/free cultural activities and events taking place in your area. You'll be surprised to find out all there is to do. Your Old Things Are Good Enough If you don't have money, why buy anything new? Your old things are good enough, so start travel budgeting and stop buying new things.