How Travelling People See The World Differently

They say travel is good for the soul, but it also changes how you see the world. Here’s how travelling people see the world differently.
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Travelling people have completely different view on life and there are reasons why. From stepping out of your comfort zone to learning to let go of attachments, exploring the world is one of the most life-changing undertakings people go through.

Here’s how travelling people see the world differently.

They Know Talking Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Communicating

travelling people Find yourself in a local village in China trying to buy something as simple as a T-shirt and the situation may turn out a tad more complicated. Firstly, you can’t speak the language and your hand gestures mean zilch because Chinese don’t measure clothes in terms of small, medium and large. This is just one example of how travellers learn that talking is not necessarily communicating.

Material Things Mean Very Little For a Happy Life

travelling people Once you start travelling more frequently, you learn that you can do with a lot less than the 50 outfits you crammed in your big suitcase. You become less concerned with how you look and instead find yourself more intrigued by the experience of interacting with locals. In places like India, you find street sweepers who are happier than rich businessmen. These types of encounters teach you that wealth comes in various forms other than the material goods and money we usually measure happiness by.

People Come and Go

goodbye Travelling on a regular basis has many lessons, but unlike those who have never explored other countries, travellers know that in life, people come and go. You befriend a local who becomes your bestie for three months but once you leave, you never see and hear from them again. And that’s okay because every person you meet serves a purpose in your life, for however long it may be.

Being Uncomfortable Is The Only Way To Grow

7529e-1441885899282 When you decide to travel, you are making the choice to move from the most comfortable place you know, your home, to a foreign place where you don’t speak the same language, eat the same foods and live the same way. But travellers are very aware that venturing into the unknown, to take on the awkward task of asking for an apple in mandarin and stepping completely out of your comfort zone is the only way you transform from the closed off pupa to the open-hearted butterfly. So, if you’re looking to get a different perspective on the world, perhaps it’s time to step out of your comfort zone.