How You Can Spend Your 67 Minutes In Honour Of Mandela

Mandela Day is held on the 18th of July, and is celebrated around the world as individuals are encouraged to spend 67 minutes of the day doing something to help or benefit their fellow man. The 67 minutes are in honour of the 67 years that Nelson Mandela spent fighting for equality in South Africa. Not sure how you can spend your 67 minutes? Here are a few suggestions.
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By : Nic Bowen Spend time at an animal rescue shelter.

Many unwanted and stray pets inevitably end up at local shelters until they can be adopted out to willing families. Shelters always need additional help from the public in the form of donations, food, building materials, or you could go the extra mile and adopt a new pet this Mandela Day. You could also spend the day at your local shelter doing any extra D.I.Y work like painting, repair work or simply spending time with the animals.

Plant some trees with Greenpop.

Originally started as a Cape Town initiative, Greenpop now plants trees all over South Africa as well as in Zambia. Nelson Mandela was known to have been inspired by the natural beauty of his homeland in the Eastern Cape, so what better way to spend your 67 minutes than by helping to save your natural environment? Contact Greenpop through their website or give them a call and find out what you can do to help.

Give out some sandwiches to the homeless.

This one is so simple, anyone can do it. Simply get a loaf of bread, some tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce or any other tasty filling. Top it off with cheese or some meats, and hand out the tasty sandwiches to the homeless or those in need on your way to work.

Help clean up the beaches.

South Africa has some of the most stunning beaches in the world, but unfortunately they tend to get quite littered during school holidays and/or during other events. There are many organisations dedicated to keeping our coastlines clean, such as the Cape Town Beach Cleanup initiative. You could either volunteer to help during one of their clean up days, or you could donate money or materials to the organisation.

Donate to your local library.

In the age of the internet and computers, libraries have become quite neglected. You could go through your own book collection and find some to donate, or pop by your local bookshop and pick up a few bestsellers to fill your local libraries shelves.

Give the gift of life by donating blood.

Visit your local blood bank or clinic and take some time out to save someone’s life. A single donation of blood could save up to three lives, and is a quick and painless process.

Become eco-friendly and help save your environment.

This is one you can do without even having to leave your house! Start by implementing recycling by separating your waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. Start improving your energy consumption by turning off your geyser and any other electronic appliances that you aren’t using. You could also install eco-friendly taps and fittings in your bathroom.

Donate toys and blankets to an orphanage.

Orphanages can always use additional clothes, blankets or toys any time of the year. You can donate any items that you aren’t making use of, or you could find out if it’s one of the children’s birthdays and make it extra special by buying them a present.

Buy the Big Issue Magazine.

Rather than pretend to already have a copy, or turn a blind eye when approached by one of the vendors, buy the Big Issue this Mandela Day. Supporting this local initiative also means that you will be supporting the vendor and the members of their household.