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Huawei And HTC -The Smartphone Underdogs

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2015-07-08
Look around at any time and you’ll find the latest Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. These smartphones are by far the most popular phones. Even though it doesn’t look like it, there are other choices when it comes to choosing your new smartphone.
Huawei are a Chinese smartphone manufacturer who released many of their earlier, more affordable models into the African market, and have gradually been gaining ground in the European market. This year saw the release of the much anticipated Huawei P8 which uses the Android operating system. Slimmer than both the latest iPhone and Galaxy, the P8 has a simplified and slick aluminium casing, it also comes with a 13 megapixel camera, full HD 1080p display and an array of new nifty features. The phone comes with two antennae to better improve signal reception, so no need to worry about losing signal while on a train or driving through a tunnel. The Huawei P8 will also manually alternate between Wi-Fi and data use depending on signal strength, and you also have the option to use dual sim cards. In terms of battery life, the P8 performs 80% better than the previous P7. There is also a feature where you can adjust battery usage away from battery draining apps or updates, gaining another 6 hours in battery life.   Now for the HTC One M9. Released in March this year, it has been praised as a great improvement to the M8 from last year. The battery boasts one of the greatest capacities to any of the other smartphones available today, even beating the popular Samsung Galaxy S6. HTC phones have had issues with memory storage in the past, and that’s why this year's model has been upgraded to include 32GB of memory. The processor has also been upgraded to a powerful 3GB of RAM, meaning that you won’t be having any operational issues with the phone’s apps. The screen is 5 inches big, and the resolution comes in at 1080p. There are phones with bigger screens and better resolution, but this is still an improvement over past HTC models. The design of the HTC M9 is the best thing about the phone. Complete with a two-tone metallic rim, the phone’s curved body fits neatly into your hand, giving you a firm grip of the phone.   Both phones are usually overlooked by consumers because of Apple and Samsung’s dominance of the smartphone market. HTC and Huawei have, however, been hard at work to build and design phones that are unique to the iPhone and Galaxy, with each bringing their own strengths to the table.

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