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Is Mediwell The “Apple A Day” Of The Modern Era?

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2015-10-05
The rising costs of living are such that even those with gainful employment sometimes find themselves unable to afford health cover.

Article Courtesy Of Htxt.Africa

Written By: Brendyn Lotz

In this instance, individuals may find themselves ignoring symptoms that their health is on the decline, simply because they can’t afford to visit a doctor.
The digital health and wellness startup Mediwell is looking to change all of this by offering employers the opportunity to manage their employees’ health. The service is targeted at individuals that are employed but are not medically insured.
Marketing and Operations executive, Salome Banks at Mediwell explained how the service works.
“It’s for those employees that cannot afford medical aid and have to go to government clinics and take the whole day off work. We want to screen these employees, make sure we detect the risk and prevent them from getting so sick that they have to take a lot of time off work”, she said.
Mediwell deals directly with business owners and employers who register the employees for the service. Employees are then screened at one of 300 clinics associated with Mediwell and assigned either a high, medium or low risk category. Employees, once registered with Mediwell, are then added to the DocChat mobile platform which allows employees to interact with a medical professional.

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