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Is This The Samsung Galaxy S8?

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-01-30
Consumers are waiting with bated breath for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Here is what we’ve managed to find out so far.
Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were the best phones of 2016. This thanks to their design features, refining of the company's TouchWiz UI. After the disaster that befell Samsung with the Galaxy Note 7, all eyes are on the upcoming Galaxy S8.

A Glimpse Of The Samsung Galaxy S8

galaxy_s8-930x775 While the company has not officially unveiled any information about the S8 (other than stating that it will not be launched at MWC 2017), noted leaker Evan Blass has published an image of the yet-to-be-released handset on VentureBeat. The most noticeable thing about the S8 is the edge-to-edge display. It appears that the rumours of Samsung removing the physical home button are true and that the front of the device is nothing but glorious display.

Rumoured Features

VentureBeat says that the device will be available in two sizes: 5.8-inches and 6.2-inches. Making it significantly larger than the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Both phones will have a QHD Super AMOLED display, which will cover 83% of the front of the device. In terms of chipset, some devices will ship with Samung's Exynos processor and others will ship with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. These chipsets are said to make the the S8 11% faster than the S7. With 23% faster graphics processing and 20% more energy efficiency. With these increased screen sizes, the assumption is that the battery size would be increased. According to VentureBeat, battery capacity for the 5.8-inch S8 is 3000mAh. With the 6.2-inch handset packing a 3500mAh battery. Inside the phone, you can expect to find 4GB of RAM with a new internal storage baseline of 64GB (supplemented by a 256GB-capable microSD slot). The S8 will also be the first Galaxy S device to change over to a USB-C charging port. This will be located on the bottom of the handset, next to a 3.5mm headphone jack. In terms of camera, Samsung is sticking with the tried-and-tested 12MP rear-facing camera. But, is bumping up the front-facing selfie camera to 8MP. Both the front-facing camera and rear-facing camera have an f1.7 focal ratio. Following in the footsteps of Google's Pixel and Huawei's Mate 9, Samsung's Galaxy S8 is expected to include its own AI virtual assistant known as 'Bixby'. For now, these are all unconfirmed until Samsung officially reveals the device at the expected launch, which is rumoured to be taking place on 29 March 2017.

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