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KnowRoaming Offers Free WhatsApp!

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-11-10
To help with the challenge of affordable communication while travelling, KnowRoaming has introduced free, unlimited WhatsApp.
Keeping in contact with friends, family, and colleagues while travelling can be expensive. Especially if you activate roaming on your phone with your cellular provider. Usually, the cheapest option is to buy a SIM card and some credit for it and using that (plus tons of wi-fi hotspots) to stay connected.

KnowRoaming's Offering

In an effort to keep data costs down, KnowRoaming has announced that it's offering free, unlimited international WhatsApp usage with their Global SIM Card.
“We’re so excited to offer WhatsApp, one of the world’s most useful apps, on KnowRoaming for free,” said Gregory Gundelfinger, CEO of KnowRoaming. “Our goal has always been to connect people around the world in a more convenient and cost-effective way. Offering unlimited WhatsApp usage is another step towards helping travellers stay in touch with family and friends, without the pain of roaming charges.”


How Does It Work?

Simply insert the Global SIM Card into your unlocked phone and start using WhatsApp, completely free of charge, around the world. Unlike its competitors, KnowRoaming will not charge any hidden annual fees, or additional fees for sending picture and video messages in WhatsApp. KnowRoaming will cover all WhatsApp usage for customers. Also, in addition to offering free WhatsApp, the KnowRoaming Global SIM Card provides excellent voice and data roaming. It works in 200+ countries and territories with rates up to 85% lower than traditional carriers. One of the best things about the Global SIM Card is that you can carry over your data packages into each country. This makes staying connected during layovers and cross-border traveling easy. You can easily monitor your usage in real-time, prepay for all the KnowRoaming services you'll use, purchase Unlimited Data packages, and more. The Global SIM Card fits all SIM card sizes and is compatible with any unlocked mobile phones or tablets. Free WhatsApp usage is also available on the KnowRoaming Global SIM Sticker and Global Hotspot. If you're already a KnowRoaming user, then you're already be able to get free WhatsApp. KnowRoaming is available in South Africa at the iStore (both in physical stores and online).
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