More Bang For Your Travel Bucks

So you’re leaving on a jet plane and don’t know when you’ll be back again? Preparing for a vacation or business trip can be a real pain in the keister. Have I packed accordingly? Am I forgetting anything important? Did I print the ticket information off? Who’s driving us to the airport? Believe me, the last thing you want to be fretting over is your travel money.
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Written by Yusuf Begg

Popular travel app, coChange, lets you get the best deal on your travel money.

Finding the best travel rate when exchanging your currency can be a real burden especially if you’re dashing in and around a foreign country. Some tourists spend hours running back and forth from one currency exchange office to another trying to negotiate the best rates.

The coChange app is born out of this very common dilemma. Why pay more and waste unnecessary time when a simple application and its users can save you money and give you the best advice.

The coChange mobile application is a free collaborative currency exchange office (or bureau de exchange/money changer) comparison tool. The app is currently available in 105 countries, dealing with over 8000 exchange offices and over 155 different currencies.

This wonderful tool helps you to quickly locate the nearest currency exchange offices amongst thousands referenced worldwide in order to give you better rates. It then helps you benefit from partner’s exclusive offers, such as special rates and flash savings.

Receive the latest financial stats and information regarding your currency, graphs and conversion rulers. The coChange app allows you to become a professional of the exchange rates without having to pay exorbitant service charges

Download the coChange mobile app on both Appstore and Google Play and make sure it’s part of your jet-setting arsenal.