#NationalShutdown the struggle continues…

The #FeesMustFall student movement has gained incredible momentum in the last few days, with students all over the country standing in solidarity to protest the proposed increase in university fees for 2016.
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#NationalShutdown Written By: Cheslea Petersen Photo from:  @donjohnsonpentz South African’s have taken to social media to show support for the movement. At least 10 universities across the country have suspended all academic activities as students are protesting today in a #NationalShutdown, hoping to bring an end to university fees.  

#NationalShutdownPhoto from: @africartoons

Protest have broken out at various campuses, following the example at Wits University in Johannesburg, and have been reminiscent of the wave of student protests of 1976. Where hundreds of students occupied the various campuses in peaceful protest, police arrived in Casspirs; armed with riot gear, tear gas, rubber bullets, and stun grenades. At UCT, stun grenades and tear gas were fired, and a number of students and staff were arrested, only fanning the flames of the building revolution.


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The movement continues to gain support worldwide as people express outrage at the exorbitant education fees; it’s a common occurrence for students to face exclusion for being unable to pay their fees. The movement threatens to continue through the exam period, as protesters may not be able to afford to enrol for 2016 if the fee hike is implemented.

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