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Need Free Wi-Fi? Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Here

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-11-01
Who doesn’t love free wi-fi? But where do you find it? Here’s where you can find wi-fi hotspots from four top ISPs in South Africa.
Staying connected to the internet has become so important, in the 21st century, that the United Nations has declared internet access a basic human right. Specifically, in relation to education and fostering development. While mobile data costs might slowly be dropping, they haven't dropped to the point where basic internet access is affordable for all. broadband_article_banner

Here Are Wi-Fi Hotspots From Four Top ISPs

Sometimes the only way to to stay connected is to find a free wi-fi hotspot. But, running around your city looking for free wireless broadband is never fun, so we've found them for you.


Telkom claims to have 5000 wi-fi hotspots across the country, with Cape Town and Johannesburg having the highest concentration. Don't worry Durban, you also have free wi-fi hotspots. What makes Telkom's wi-fi hotspots so wonderful is that they can even be found at restaurants, coffee shops and malls. Login by turning wi-fi on on your phone / tablet / laptop. Then select "1 Telkom Connect". You'll be prompted to sign in or create a free account. Once that's done, you'll be able to connect to the Telkom wi-fi hotspot and enjoy free internet, within the specified time frame. You can find your closest Telkom wi-fi hotspot here.

Vodacom / G Connect

Vodacom might be one of the country's largest cellular network providers, but that doesn't mean that they provide their own wi-fi hotspots. The network has teamed up with G-Connect to offer Wireless G wi-fi hotspots across the country. They only offer 2000, however, which is a lot less than Telkom's 5000. Johannesburg has the highest concentration of these hotspots, followed by Cape Town and, of course, Durban. In order to use a G-Connect / Wireless G wi-fi hotspot, you'll need to enable the wi-fi on your device. Then choose the “G-Connect” or "Vast" network name, open your Internet browser and select “Vodacom”. Lastly, enter your “My Vodacom” username and password. G-Connect offers free wi-fi for specified time periods or the option to purchase wi-fi bundles:
Wi-Fi Bundle Cost Validity
100MB R19 30 Days
250MB R29 30 Days
500MB R39 30 Days
2048MB / 2GB R99 30 Days
  You can find G-Connect wi-fi hotspot locations here.

Cell C

Cell C has been working on improving its offerings lately. One of the many things they offer are free wi-fi hotspots - as well as wi-fi calling. Wi-fi hotspots can be found in all the big cities with smaller towns having a more limited amount of hotspots. Cell C has not stated how many wi-fi hotspots they have around the country, but you can find your closest wi-fi hotspot here. 


AlwaysOn is probably the most well-known provider of wi-fi hotspots around the country. They can be found in malls and at pretty much all the big airports in South Africa. In order to connect to an AlwaysOn wi-fi hotspot, you'll need to switch on the wi-fi on your device, then search for @AlwaysOn amongst the available wi-fi networks. Click on @AlwaysOn and, once it connects, you'll need to open your browser and you will be directed to the AlwaysOn Dashboard. The Dashboard is where you'll need to login or create a free account in order to use the free wi-fi. You can find your closest AlwaysOn wi-fi hotspot here.

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