Now Let Me Introduce South Africa’s Most Innovative Company…

At Nike we never really had an accessible technology to help athletes with overall body optimization – what LifeQ has done to bring this technology to life is really exciting. – Leslie Lane, former Head of Nike Running.
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Written By: Yusuf Begg


Imagine having a real-time on demand database of your physiology and health. All this information could then be used to create your own bio-mathematical model.

Well, what does this all mean? It means that you’d be able to collect your physiological data and convert it into digital simulations of what’s happening right now inside our bodies.

You'd be able to improve your personal health choices around lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, medication, sleep and disease. This would enable doctors and specialists to better understand and manage your well being over time.

Now, let’s stop imagining because this technology already exists thanks to the innovations of a proudly South African organization called .

LifeQ was co-founded by Laurence Olivier, Rican Conradie, Kora Holm and Franco Du Preez - experts in the field of computational systems biology. Computational systems biology is the practice of using computer simulations to study complicated biological processes such as the interaction of cells and their environment, the reactions of proteins inside cells and even the behaviour of atoms.

Effectively utilizing this type of information can lead to further innovations, such as designing new medicines, discovering better treatments for disease and maybe even curing cancer.

LifeQ accomplishes this by using a combination of technologies: LifeQ LENS, LifeQ CORE and LifeQ LINK.


This is the technology necessary to collect your relevant physiological data. It currently utilizes a multi-wavelength optical sense that can be integrated into almost any wearable device worn almost anywhere on your body. This device can monitor a wide range of processes that are occurring within your body all the time. This technology archives all this with laboratory-level accuracy.


All the raw data that is captured by the LENS is then translated by advanced, biologically-oriented mathematical models into virtual simulations of your physiological system. This provides LifeQ with real-time insights into the inner workings of your body.


This is an open-access platform that allows LifeQ affiliates to make a precise analysis of your data.