Prevent Being A Victim To Loadshedding Crimes And Damages

Criminals thrive on chaos and darkness is their playground. Load shedding provides both of these environments for lurking lawbreakers seeking to capitalise from South Africa’s outages. Find out ways to remain safer during outages.
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Written By: Melissa Nyman Criminals thrive on chaos and darkness is their playground ... Load shedding provides both of these environments for lurking lawbreakers seeking to capitalise from South Africa's outages. As a result, insurance companies in South Africa are clamping down and becoming more pedantic where claims involving damages or theft, due outages, are involved. Looking at crime statistics, it shouldn't come as a surprise as to why. Since 2007, when load shedding first occurred, to 2014, "break-in"-related crimes have escalated:
  • Robberies at Non-Residential Premises increased from 6,689 to 18,476 incidents;
  • Robberies at Residential Premises increased 12,761 to 19,191 incidents;
  • Burglaries at Non-Residential Premises increased from 58,438 to 73, 684 and;
  • Burglaries at Residential Premises from 249, 665 to 259, 424.
Whether these numbers resulted from deeper-lying issues in South Africa or if Eskom is the sole culprit, who knows? But a pitch black neighbourhood in a country ranking 5th, internationally, for high crime rate - most of which is murder with firearms - is never a good thing. So how do you protect yourself from Eskom, criminals and now insurers as well? Using the "Prevention is better than cure" method - Read through the tips below: 1.  Familiarise Yourself With Load Shedding Schedules This is Insurers biggest come back and the law-breakers first ammunition to start planning. So make it part of your protection. Why? So you can.... 2. Charge Your Cell Phone Fully When Power's Available It doesn't only happen in scary movies. 3. Ensure Your Alarm System is in Full Working Condition Purposely activate your alarm and ensure it's really working. It's Your responsibility and insurance companies won't be shy to egg you on this detail. 4. Place Candles and Torches in Various, Easily Accessible Locations Your family, home or business is less of a target, the more your surroundings are lit. 5. Check Your Petrol Gauge Petrol stations have electric petrol pumps. Anything could happen. Make sure your get-away-car is able to get away while electricity is still available. 6. Invest In Surge Protectors At times, once the electricity is made available again, the current at which power is flowing is so forceful that it causes your garage doors, alarm systems, CCTV monitors and other expensive equipment become unusable. These types of scenarios are the most common claims consumers are having with insurers. Cover for damages caused by Load shedding is becoming more expensive and less insurable. Make your life easier during load shedding, implement the necessary preventative measures, if you can. 7. Check Backup Batteries Some gates and fences run on back up batteries. Make sure these are available and working before the lights go out. An open fence during load shedding? You might as well have sent an invitation. 8. Be Alert Perhaps load shedding has brought about a few softer blessings - such as the games, the books, the quiet and actual, face-to-face conversations we enjoy by candlelight. But always stay alert. Are You Insured? Compare Quotes from trusted Insurance Companies in South Africa and SAVE today!