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The Real Reason You Suck At Money Management

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-01-06
Hilary Morris runs a personal money management workshop at the CCDI and tells us why her class makes people cry.
Earlier this year, Time released the 23 bad money habits keeping people broke, regardless of their earnings. It was curated from 23 personal finance experts; from company founders, to authors and finance bloggers. Apparently, Americans are as over-indebted as we are. The list includes some well-known money management no-no’s, like not sticking to a budget, as well as some lesser known drivers of finance faux pas, like feeling powerless. But Hilary Morris, facilitator of a personal finance workshop at the CCDI, says it all boils down to the same thing.

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The Root Of All Your Money Problems

Morris facilitates a workshop called My Relationship With Money at the Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI). The workshop, which is part of a personal development cluster at the CCDI, has reportedly garnered a reputation for making people cry. When we asked Morris if this was true, she laughed, and said people probably think she’s crazy for saying it. “I think people become emotional when they make new discoveries about who they are,” explains Morris. The workshop came about from the realisation that a lot of the members at the CCDI – artists, designers, and creative business owners – struggle financially. Morris reports going “from riches to rags” in her past, and having nobody to blame but herself. She says when it comes to good money management, it’s really just about taking responsibility for ourselves.
“The workshop’s for people to understand themselves better in order to understand why they behave with money the way that they do,” says Morris.
Morris explains that it’s not so much common obstacles to managing personal finances she sees in her class, as it is a lack of self-belief and self-esteem. “There’s almost an embarrassment: ‘I don’t what to ask too much because I’m not worth it’. I think they all believe in their work but not in themselves.” She believes bad money management, or good money management for that matter, boils down to one thing. How you see yourself.
“We do what we do because of who we are. What we need to discover is how we got to be the person we are, and what are the aspects we want to change.”

Know Thyself: Overcoming Financial Insecurity

Morris uses her own personal experience as a cautionary tale in class but doesn’t believe in giving anyone ‘finance tips’. Rather, her workshop focuses on giving people a safe environment to explore themselves. As a trained Lifeline counsellor, she advocates that the better you understand yourself, the stronger you become. She doesn’t believe the subject matter is important, really, as it all comes down to: “Why do I function the way I do?”
“Money is an important energy in our lives, and we need to learn to conserve it and make it work for us,” says Morris, adding that it starts with learning to love ourselves, which is the hardest part. “We all have an inner critic on our left shoulder. “[But] if I must give one piece of [money] advice, it’s leave your money at home when you go shopping,” concludes Morris.

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