Why Satellite Internet May Be Your Saving Grace

Stuck in a neighbourhood with no ADSL? Don’t worry, you don’t have to resort to dial-up on order to connect, satellite internet is here!
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There are many ways to connect to the internet such as broadband ADSL and WiFi, but if you live in an area where there isn’t an existing broadband infrastructure satellite internet might be the way to go. But what is satellite internet? As the name suggests, satellite internet is an internet connection provided by low earth orbiting satellites. Unlike ADSL or fibre, this service does not rely on copper spacestream-multinational/telephone lines or fibre optic cables, instead it relies on a two-way satellite dish to for uploads and downloads as well as a satellite modem inside your home to relay the signal from the satellite dish. Satellite Internet Satellite internet has a few unique requirements when compared to its ADSL and fibre counterparts, the noticeable of which is that the satellite dish requires a clear line of site i.e there need to be no obstructions such as trees or buildings which can block the signal. The signal can also be disrupted due to weather, especially rain, which means that if you live in an area with high rainfall, you might want to reconsider getting satellite internet.  

The benefits of satellite internet

  • Always-on connection - unlike dial-up, satellite internet is always on meaning no more waiting aeons for your modem to dial up and connect to the internet.
  • Easy to use - once the installation is complete, it’s simply a matter of opening the browser on your computer, phone or tablet and you’re online!
  • Coverage - satellite internet is available in far more locations than dial-up which means that you’ll be spending more time online.
  • Speed - even though it doesn’t compare to the speeds available with fibre, satellite internet provides far better connection speeds than dial-up.
Satellite Internet

If you’re interested in getting satellite internet, here are a few providers you might want to take a look at: