See How Your Travel Experience Is Switching Up Digitally

The on-demand economy is rising and this is forcing travel to change as well. Technology and consumers are the main reason the transformation is happening so quickly.
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Written by: Melissa Nyman WHY CHANGE?

why change

Smart devices mainly caused the change in businesses making the consumer’s 'anywhere-anytime' selection needs available. Additionally, the delivery time to meet this on-demand has a time frame of less than an hour and no longer than a day.


Uber domain

The problem most businesses face is creating awareness of their facilities and 50% of this consumer awareness is enjoyed by Uber, amongst mobile users. Despite the challenges faced, investors are pouring in billions into this growing economy.

What Travel Changes To Expect In


Air travel

There will be more availability of pre-departure and on-demand options with airline and third-party apps for consumers on-the-go. Flights are becoming more entertaining with music, movies and TVs streaming on board airplanes for Wi-fi users including open bandwidth.



Making use of apps, hotels are using it to enhance the experience of guests. Hotel apps is making amenities, in-room services and food available faster for travellers. Based on proximity and other factors, third-party apps are discounting local-in-house bookings for mobile-savvy guests.



The convenience of booking made easier through Apps allowing last-minute reservations at popular restaurants. This is making the food delivery process more convenience making it more spacious and faster.


ground travel

Appearing as the standard model for the on-demand growth industry, Uber leads on ground travel. However, this only opens the door for new technology, new approaches and emerging partnerships to form in the future.

What more will technology bring to the future of travellers? The wait is exciting...