South Africa Crime Stats Shockingly High

The high crime rate in South Africa has been of much concern in recent years, and the latest stats are nothing short of shocking!
Compare Guru

Written By: Chelsea Petersen

Police Minister, Nathi Nhleko, released the crime stats for the last year on Tuesday, leading many to compare the alarming numbers to that of a war zone.

Nationally, the stats show a significant increase in major crimes for the third consecutive year:

  • 4.6% Increase in murder
  • 14.2% Increase in carjacking
  • 5.2% Increase in house robberies
  • 5.4% Decrease in sexual offences

South Africa was recently included in the InterNations Top 20 list of places to raise a family, and in light of the alarming crime stats, it seems like a questionable decision.  South Africa also ranked 138th, out of 141 countries, on The Gallup Global Law and Order Report for 2015. A survey done earlier this year by Compare Guru showed that 69% of South Africans do not feel safe living in the country.

The numbers recorded by SAPS for the last year are as follows:

  • 17 805 Murders
  • 17 537 Attempted murders
  • 53 617 Sexual offences
  • 182 556 Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm
  • 161 486 Common assaults
  • 12 773 Carjacking’s
  • 20 281 Residential robberies
  • 54 927 Common robberies
  • 129 045 Robberies with aggravating circumstances

For the time period, the stats reflect a disturbing average of 11 murders per day, which has been steadily increasing for the past 3 years, and ranks South Africa as having the 8th highest murder rate in the world. Faced with the massive crime problem, residents are all encouraged to take security measures wherever possible.

Aside from security systems, Home and Car Insurance is always a good way to cover yourself against theft. While insurance can also seem like a morbid precaution, taking out policies such as Hospital, Life, and, Legal Insurance can be a tremendous lifeline should you ever become a victim of any of the crimes listed above. In the meantime, SAPS has their work cut out for them reigning in the situation.