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South Africa's Most Attractive Employers Revealed

Author: Megan Ellis
Date: 2017-06-08
The 2017 results for South Africa's Most Attractive Employers survey are out - so who is the fairest of them all?
The 2017 results for South Africa's Most Attractive Employers survey are out - showing which companies local students and professionals would most like to work for. The survey was conducted by Universum, which releases an annual ranking of the most attractive employers in the world. Thousands of people took part in the South African leg of the survey. So, which South African employers hold the ambitions of our residents?
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Google Popular Across Industries

It's no surprise that Google is considered an attractive company to work for (after all; nap pods). But it is surprising how many different industries they appeal to. For students, Google placed in the top three for the Humanities/Liberal Arts/Education sectors, as well as the Engineering/Technology fields. For professionals, Google was in the top three for the Business/Commerce, Humanities/Liberal Arts/Education, Law and Engineering/Technology sectors. The company was a regular feature in last year's list, but seems to be extending its popularity into more industries. No other company popped up in the top three positions for across sectors as much as Google. But besides Google's popularity, what else can be learnt from the rankings?

South Africans Want Government Jobs

Looking at the most attractive employers across sectors, it also becomes apparent that government positions are appealing to participants. Government entities appeared in the top three of every sector, except for business. This applied to the rankings for both students and professionals. The popularity of government positions is likely due to the scale of government departments. After all, no matter which province you are in, state entities are there with positions that need filling. This doesn't mean everyone wants to be a member of Parliament, but government employers do appeal to job seekers. There could also be due to the view that government jobs may be more secure and less likely to result in retrenchments. Government jobs also often come with retirement plans and other potential savings. Students in Humanities are drawn to the Department of Higher Education and Training and the SABC as some of the most desired employers. For law students, both the Department of Justice and the National Prosecuting Authority made the list. Meanwhile, for natural science students, all top three employers were public entities. The Department of Health is the most attractive employer for medical students, while Sasol and Eskom are among the most appealing companies for engineering and technology students. When it comes to professionals, the trend is the same. It looks like many are looking to large government entities for potential opportunities. You can see the full set of rankings below:    

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