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You Spend Almost Four Days In Traffic a Year!

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-03-07
Is the daily commute seeming endless? Well, that’s probably because it is! Here are the stats of traffic in South Africa.
A study by TomTom has found that South African’s spend almost 90 hours a year sitting in traffic. This translates into almost four days of the year wasted behind the wheel. The issue is costing the commuters, as well as businesses, billions in lost productivity.

Cape Town is SA’s Most Congested City

Cape Town has become South Africa’s most congested city, ranking 55th globally. Johannesburg is ranked at 77 in the global ranking score.  This may come as a surprise as Johannesburg is South Africa’s most populace city. Cape Town faces several road infrastructure challenges. Morning gridlock adds up to almost 72% of commuting-time for Cape Tonians, while Joburg sees the morning commute adding up to 59%. Interestingly, non-highways are currently experiencing a higher level of traffic than non-highways. In some cases, this has led to commuters spending almost 11 days a year in jams.
“The Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project, Open Road Tolling and numerous ITS applications implemented along freeway corridors have also had a positive impact on traffic congestion. Not to mention the establishment of the Gautrain.” This was a statement made by Megan Bruwer, project coordinator for the Stellenbosch Smart Mobility Laboratory.

South Africa Vs. The World

We had a look at the other major cities all over the world, and 90 hours is somewhat comparable. The average Los Angeles driver wastes over 109 hours in rush hour. This costs close to $2,408 in wasted fuel and productivity a year. The UK experiences vastly different gridlock patterns. The average driver will spend 32 hours a year in traffic. This makes the UK the third worst country in Europe for congestion. It costs the average driver almost £968 a year being in a traffic jam. Interestingly, a rise in online shopping has been listed as the reason for the increase in traffic. With delivery services increasing annually, more have been clogging up the roads. Belgium and Russia leads the European traffic woes, with Turkey just behind them. Mexico City has been ranked first in the world, followed by Bangkok, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia. Chongqing in China is number four, with Bucharest in Belgium sitting at fifth.
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One of the solutions would be for the general population to start making smarter commuting and travel choices.
TomTom SA marketing manager, Carey Dodd had the following to say; “We should not expect government authorities to simply build a way out of traffic congestion. Research has shown that building new infrastructure is not a complete or sustainable solution to traffic congestion.”
We found a time-lapse video of our three major cities in the morning. This video highlights the main problem areas and the times that the cities start experiencing high levels of vehicles.