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Stop! These Habits Devalue Your Car

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-03-31
Your car devalues annually, however, you could be doing one or more of these to devalue it even more! Stop these habits right now!
A car's depreciation is a normal part of life, however, there are certain behaviours that you can be doing right now that are fast-tracking the car to a low resell price. We have a look at the common behaviours that can be halted right now in order for you to get more for your car!

Skipping Maintenance

This truly goes without saying. A missing service stamp can hugely devalue your car. Maintenance and regular services are integral for the smooth running of the machine that transports you across the country. Should the parts not be kept at their prime, you could find yourself with a failing machine that you could get very little for.

Smoking, Eating and Drinking in Your Car

Smoking in the car not only creates an unpleasant smell which will eventually seep into the upholstery. By smoking in the car, you also put your seats and carpets at risk for burn marks. Eating and drinking in the car also put the risk of stains and smells that could be difficult to get rid of.  
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Not Keeping It Clean

This is referring the interior and exterior of the car. A collection of trash can build up mould and grime in the car, making it difficult to clean. A thick layer of dirt and dust on the outer can translate into your paintwork being compromised. Dust can make the car more susceptible to scratches and damage, Try and keep your car as clean as possible.

Not Fixing Those Bumps And Scratches

It is not the worst thing that can happen, however, it is somewhat devastating to get the first bump on your car. While sometimes you feel like it is simply not worth paying the excess to have it covered up or repaired, in the long run, it will be. When you are selling a second-hand car, the new buyer would rather opt for a car that is totally flawless.

Ignoring Warning Lights

If you have a warning light that has been on for a few days, you might need to get it checked out. And I am not only talking about a fuel indicator here. But should you be faced with a blinking engine light, don’t ignore it, despite how dire your bank account it looking. At the end of the day, you will only be hurting your wallet when you simply cannot get a good amount back for your car when you sell it.
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Driving It Too Much

You have just rolled your eyes, we know. But it is common knowledge, that the higher the mileage, the less valuable your car. Driving the car hard will also start decreasing the value of it. Grinding your gears, excessive braking and accelerating will slowly start creating unnecessary wear and tear.

Making Unnecessary Modifications

Spoilers, dropped suspension, wings, flaps, tattoos, piercings; although great for you, are not everyone’s cup of tea. Ok, we did go a bit overboard there, but you get it. The market for modified cars is painfully slim. Yes, you will have a lot of admirers and fans of the car. Buyers, however, are slim pickings. We know someone who changed the engine from a diesel to a petrol engine. It took three years for the car to be sold, to someone who stripped it. You will take longer trying to sell the car than necessary. The possibility of getting your money that you spent on the modifications back are gut-wrenchingly low.

Painting It An Odd Colour

You might love that lovely mustard shade on your brand new Audi. But it could be an absolute eyesore for the next buyer as well as the people around you. Any DIY job or back of the railway line garage spray could land you a couple of thousand rands out. Try and keep your car to its neutral colour, or if need be, take it in to be professionally redone when you want to sell it again.

Riding The Clutch

Do you find yourself at a traffic light or stop street and waiting to jump at the chance to go? Riding your clutch not only wastes petrol but also wears it out. The minute you start smelling your clutch burning is when you know that you are devaluing your car! Start changing your driving behaviour now and keep that clutch intact to get more fro your car when you want to sell.

Cleaning It With The Wrong Chemical

Never, ever use dishwashing liquid in the car. In fact, try not use any home product in the car. Rather, spend the money on professional car cleaning materials. Not only will it keep your car cleaner, but it will also maintain the colour and quality of the interior. Using professional dashboard cleaner will keep your dash shinier and darker and will weather activity and wear better.

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