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Tech of the Future, Today

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2015-02-18
For decades, people have always imagined the crazy kinds of gadgets that we’d be using in the future. We’ve found some of the technological advancements that prove that the future is now.

Written by Chelsea Petersen
For decades, people have always imagined the crazy kinds of gadgets that we’d be using in the future. We watched Sci-Fi movies and TV shows, eagerly awaiting the day when the future would arrive, and we’d be driving around in hover cars and talking to robot maids like The Jetsons. We may not be on the same level as the Jetsons just yet, but such advanced tech does exist and is in development. We’ve listed some of the newest inventions that prove that the future is now:
The Bio Robot Fridge
When thinking of tech from the future, a fridge is usually pictured with a screen panel on the front, a Wi-Fi connection, and automated functions. The Bio Fridge is none of these things. It’s actually a panel that is mounted against a wall. It doesn’t even have a door or shelves. Rather, it’s filled with a green, odourless, and non-sticky cooling gel. Food is simply stuck into the gel, which envelops and suspends it, and keeps it cool.
The Smart Trashcan
Those embarrassing moments when you throw something at the trash can and completely miss will soon be a thing of the past. The Smart Trashcan literally moves to catch your trash. A computer calculates where the trash will fall, and uses Wi-Fi to communicate it to the trashcan which moves to catch it.
The Google Latitude Doorbell
Forget the Jetsons, this is some techno magic straight out of Harry Potter. The doorbell uses GPS services to track each member of the family to their smart devices. It then chimes when someone is on the way home and tracks how far away they are. The location is transmitted from smartphones, back to the doorbell, which plays a different chime for family member. It’s the same principle as the Weasley’s magic clock.
The Narrative Clip
It’s an unfortunate flaw of the human brain that allows memories to fade and thoughts to be forgotten. This must be why someone invented the Narrative clip, so the world can record their memories, to relive and learn from them later. It sounds a lot like the pensieve of Harry’s wizarding world, but is unfortunately, not as cool. It’s a tiny clip on camera that takes high quality images every 30 seconds, allowing you to track every moment for the rest of your life.
The Cheeseburger in a Can
Nothing is more future-y than an instant meal in a can. We’re not sure how good it tastes, but it’s a work in progress. It’s sure to be a trend in coming decades. 
Ticket to Mars
We’ve already conquered the moon, and now an initiative has begun to send a team to the mars. Permanently. A global selection process is underway and successful candidates will be sent to Mars in 2018 to create the first human settlement on another planet.
The Word Lens App
Forget the smartphone needed to download it; Word Lens is a technological marvel. The app allows you to translate a host of different languages in real time. All you do is point your camera at the words and they get translated immediately. Nothing extra is needed.
The Flying Car
While we still have a long way to go before we’ll all be flying around in cars and weaving through skyscrapers, there are already working car/plane hybrid models in existence. When any of these flying cars will be approved for consumer production remains to be seen.
The Submersible Car
What was once just a scene in the most high-tech James Bond film is now a reality. Swiss car manufacturer, Rinspeed, have developed a car that is fully submersible and can switch back onto land effortlessly.  Unfortunately, the car does allow water into the cabin, so it will require a few developments before we start driving around underwater.
The Robot Maid 
Modern robots have been programmed with artificial intelligence to perform an amazing range of tasks, but we’ve yet to recreate anything advanced enough to mimic Rosie, the Jetsons’ robot maid. There are currently such robots in development, though much simpler. There needs to be improvement in new algorithms for Rosie to become a reality.
The Virtual Supermarket
Grocery shopping has never been more convenient. The coolest supermarket in the world is one of a kind and is located in Korea. All the products in the store are just projections on LED screens. When the QR code below the item is scanned with a smartphone, it gets added to the virtual cart. At the counter, all your real items are already bagged and waiting for you, all you have to do is pay.