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Telkom Changes Stance On LTE Uncapped Fair Usage Policy

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-09-23
Telkom has come under heavy fire on social media for their LTE Uncapped Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Here’s why…
Telkom has come under heavy fire on social media for their LTE Uncapped Fair Usage Policy (FUP). According to a statement released by the company, Telkom has listened to its customers. As such, they have revised the conditions of its Fair Use Policy (FUP) for Uncapped LTE. The revisions seek to offer customers a fair and sustainable connectivity experience. In the few instances where customers exceed the data allocation of 300GB, Telkom will offer 50GB of data at a reduced speed of 4MBps. Should customers exceed the additional 50GB of data, Telkom will offer another 50GB of data at 2MBps for the remainder of the month. A speed of 2Mbps is adequate for standard definition streaming. That's to one screen across popular content streaming providers like Netflix and ShowMax.
“We are confident that our revised Fair Use Policy offers greater value for our high data usage customers. This, without compromising the connectivity experience of our other customers. In the few instances in which we are forced to apply the FUP, we have ensured that customers still have a fast enough connection. Their service will still be usable for the remainder of the month,” explained Telkom spokesperson, Ms Jacqui O’Sullivan. “Our decision to implement the Fair Use Policy is premised on our commitment to deliver a quality connectivity to experience to all our customers. Even in instances where our FUP is applied the reduction in speed will still allow for content streaming.”

New Telkom Infrastructure

Aside from managing usage behaviour, Telkom has also ramped up investment in additional infrastructure. This to accommodate the growing demand of our LTE service.
“We understand that quality data connectivity is in high demand. Our new FUP reflects our understanding of this. We have made every effort to ensure that customers receive a quality data experience. However, in instances where existing LTE Uncapped customers may have requirements beyond what we can cater for on this specific LTE product, we would like to engage these customers on alternate products better suited to their needs. We are also willing to release these customers impacted by the FUP from their existing contracts without any penalty,” concluded O’Sullivan.

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