Telkom FreeMe is Here

Telkom has announced FreeMe, a new data first plan for your mobile phone that customises your package to suit you.
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In a surprising move Telkom Mobile, yes that Telkom Mobile, is unveiling a new plan called FreeMe. The plan puts your data needs front and centre of the offering.


728x90 The premise is simple - One plan, choose your data, everything else is free. Seems like a pretty cool plan, but what exactly do you get? Arranged in tiers starting at R99 for 1GB of data, the FreeMe plan aims to cater to a multitude of on-the-go mobile users. Ranging from the lightweight mobile data user to super users who are always online. The plan includes free calls to Telkom Mobile numbers, Telkom fixed line numbers, and free SMSs. It also includes a social media data allocation for certain platforms. Terms and conditions of the FreeMe Boost plans state: FreeMe Boost bundles offer customers a data allocation, with the following common benefits as part of the bundle:
  • 100 SMS to use in the 31 day validity period,
  • 300 minutes of calls to Telkom Mobile and Telkom fixed line numbers to use in the 31 day validity period &
  • 500 MB Instant Messaging data that can be used for messaging and voice calls on WhatsApp, Viber & BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in the 31 day validity period.
  • In addition, FreeMe Boost 20GB has the benefit of 1500 minutes any network call allocation to use in the 31 day validity period for calling South African networks excluding Premium Rated Numbers.
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Prices Of The Various Tiers Are Listed Below:

Tier Cost Includes
1GB R99 p/m Free WhatsApp (calls and messaging), Free calls to Telkom Mobile and Telkom Fixed Line, Free SMS’s
2GB R149 p/m
5GB R299 p/m
10GB R399 p/m
20GB R599 p/m
Unlimited R999 p/m

Global Trends

This new plan from Telkom appears to be a game-changing move. It should make subscribers to other networks question whether they’re getting value for money with their service providers. The plan, which will be available on both prepaid and postpaid, is a much needed shift in the local mobile network operator field. Bringing us in line with the global change in mobile offerings. Driven by the growing trend towards VoIP and messaging services, mobile network providers across the globe have been slow in adjusting to the growing trend of people using their mobile devices for data focused tasks opposed to traditional voice calling and texting.

Will FreeMe be the much needed shake up that the local telecommunications market needs?

That depends on whether Telkom offers true value for money, does not throttle users of its Unlimited Plan and whether they improve customer service. After all, it’s been proven that people will pay more for better service.
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