The Age of Wearable Tech

Smartphones have been dominating the market in recent years, but they will soon have to make some space for the newest tech fad that’s got the world excited; smart accessories.
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Written by Chelsea Petersen
Smartphones have been dominating the market in recent years, but they will soon have to make some space for the newest tech fad that’s got the world excited; smart accessories. Wearable tech accessories are making ripples in the mobile tech industry, with many people snapping them up to use in conjunction with smartphones. Smart watches have grabbed a lot of media attention, but even more gadgets have been developed, from ear phones to insoles, and even tattoos. Here are some of the most interesting wearable tech gadgets of 2015:
Smart Watches
A while ago, Samsung had the most well-known and most anticipated smart watch on the market. Apple’s announcement about the release about their very own smart watch has greatly increased demand for the wearable gadget. Pegged as the most advanced smart watch in the world, the Apple Watch allows the wearer to read emails, receive calls, and talk to Siri. Facebook alerts and other app messages can also be directed to the watch. The watch is expected to be highly popular, and the trend doesn’t stop there. Apple is now faced with more competition after Tag Heuer, luxury Swiss watch maker, announced their partnership with Google and Intel to create a world first, a luxury Android smart watch. Intel will be handling the processor of the high end smart watch, while Google will develop the software aspects. A release date has yet to be announced, but the news has already gained much attention.
If even a smart watch is not subtle enough for you, you should try a smart ring. The Smarty Ring uses a Bluetooth connection to provide you with a whole host of convenient features, giving you a hand-free smartphone experience. Besides notifying you to calls and messages, you can also accept and reject calls or use its auto-redial function. Whipping out your phone is almost unnecessary, as it tracks your battery status, controls your music playlist, and functions as an alarm clock. Struggling to take selfies is also a thing of the past, as the ring can control your camera.
Displaying a completely different concept, the FIN Ring acts as a remote control for smartphones and almost anything with a Bluetooth connection. The ring recognises various gestures to carry out several different functions.
Everyone uses earphones while exercising. So instead of extra straps and gadgets monitoring your vitals, why not your earphones? Besides carrying the traditional speaker function, the SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds has many smart features.  Most notably, it boasts a built-in optical sensor that monitors your heart rate by measuring changes in blood flow through your capillaries. It’s compatible with most fitness apps, and unlike most smart gadgets, no batteries are required. As a bonus, the buds and the microphone are water resistant, and the cable is, apparently, tangle-free.
Sticking to the fitness theme, the smart insole was developed to allow more accurate reading than a smartphone could provide. The Digitsole keeps a record of daily steps taken, transferring the data to your phone via Bluetooth. The OpenGo runs PC software and comes with an ANT+ flash drive. They even thought to give it a protective case.
The recently developed Electrozyme comes in the form of a temporary tattoo. Probably the most interesting wearable gadget, the Electrozyme uses biosensors to measure lactate levels in the sweat of the person wearing it. It then wirelessly transmits this information to a connected device, where it can track both the wearer’s hydration level and PH balance. The device it transmits to will even alert you when you need to hydrate, replenish some electrolytes, or when heat exhaustion is imminent.