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The Best Vehicle Brand For 2016

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-03-03
We have a look at what brand makes the best car. Where does your vehicle rank in comparison and how are the results established?
The Consumer Report released their report this week on last year’s best vehicle brand. The report, released annually, identifies brands that have released new cars during the course of the year. Should they have released more than one, the survey will omit them. The scores are calculated by the committee who buy the cars, test them, and then rank them according to various criteria. The survey looked at the combination of the road tests, car reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety.

Who Came Out Tops?

Taking the top spot, for the second year in a row, was Audi. They had around 86% of their models tested this year. Following them were Porsche, BMW, Lexus, and Subaru. Although the top five for this round looks very similar to last year, some of the brands were either shifted up or down a position. This depended on whether their reliability had increased, or decreased. If their reliability increased, yet their owner satisfaction decreased, it would affect their overall score. If both remained neutral, as they did in Audi’s case, they would remain at the same spot on the chart.

Movement In The Scores

Each year sees movement up and down the ranking. This is due to the change in reliability or the results of the speed tests. Subaru was a prime example here. Their drop from second to fifth was based on the Legacy and the Outback previously being rated as reliable, and now not receiving the same score. The Mini dropped in ranking too, based solely on the fact that the Cooper and Clubman were rated more unreliable than previous years.
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The Chart

The rankings look as follows:
Model Reliability Owner Satisfaction Overall Score Road Test Score
Audi Good Good 81 86
Porsche Average Excellent 78 88
BMW Average Good 77 86
Lexus Excellent Good 77 74
Subaru Average Good 74 81
Kia Good Average 74 77
Mazda Good Good 73 75
Tesla Bad Excellent 73 88
Honda Average Good 72 77
Buick Good Average 72 72
Toyota Good Good 71 68
Hyundai Good Average 70 73
Acura Average Bad 68 73
Volvo Bad Average 68 77
Lincoln Bad Good 68 80
Infiniti Average Bad 67 77
Chevrolet Average Good 67 74
Cadillac Bad Average 66 79
Chrysler Bad Excellent 66 84
Mercedes Benz Average Good 66 80
Ford Average Average 65 74
Nissan Average Average 64 69
Volkswagen Bad Average 64 78
Mini Bad Good 60 71
GMC Bad Good 60 73
Jaguar Bad Good 59 79
Dodge Bad Average 56 74
Land Rover Worst Good 52 71
Mitsubishi Average Bad 51 46
Jeep Bad Average 45 55
Fiat Worst Bad 41 52

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