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Best And Worst Insurance Companies In South Africa For 2015

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-08-12
It’s likely you have wondered who the best and worst insurers in the biz are. Here’s what HelloPeter commenters had to say.
If you are looking for an insurance provider, there are generally two thoughts you have in your mind: "Who are the best and who shouldn't I touch with a ten-foot pole?" sought to answer just that when they conducted a comparative analysis of all known insurance companies in South Africa. All analysis was based on HelloPeter commentary.

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The data was also divided into two groups - 'big' and 'small' depending on the size of the company. Discovery ranked number one for the big company category, followed by OUTsurance and then MiWay. AA Insurance topped the small company category, followed by Momentum, Alexander Forbes and Mutual & Federal. Judgement was pretty straight forward; the company with the least complaints in each category was deemed the ‘winner’ of that category and awarded five points. Second place was awarded four points, and so on. Companies who had the same amount of complaints were awarded the same number of points. Compliments were ranked from 1 to 10 points, with 10 points awarded to the highest percentage of compliments.

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So Who Are the Best and Worst Insurers in SA for 2015? 

Insurance company reviews

‘Small’ Insurance Companies' Results

Small companies

‘Big’ Insurance Companies' Results

Big companies

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