The Most Convenient Android Apps

One of the best parts of technology is the development of new smartphone apps. We looked through the Android PlayStore and found the most convenient apps for everyday life.
Compare Guru
Written by Chelsea Petersen
With the continuous advancement of technology, there are now so many ways to make life easy and convenient.  Smartphone apps have taken this a step further, allowing you to have various conveniences in the palm of your hand, wherever you go. You can now find an app for virtually anything, from business, to communication, to lifestyle. We scouted the prospects and chose the most convenient Android apps that everyone should have in their lives.
• Kindle
The Kindle app allows you access to all your current ebooks, as well as access to the amazon store. You can read, browse, and buy books, all from your phone. It’s perfect for reading on the go. Kindle also syncs your place, as well as all notes, highlights, and book marks from other devices, so you can immediately find the right page as soon as you return to your main device.
• The Universal Remote
It’s the little victories that make life worthwhile. If you can’t find the remote or you’re just too plain lazy to get up, changing the channel is no longer a problem. This app has all the controls of a standard TV remote. It works on most TVs and is easily synced.
• FitBit
If you want to stay healthy or even lose a bit of weight, FitBit is like a pocket size personal trainer and dietician all rolled into one. It allows you to set goals and generates a food plan, then tracks your daily calorie intake. It also makes adjustments according to your exercise habits. As a bonus, if you’re lacking motivation, FitBit will show you your progress, as well as send you motivational messages and commend you when your goals are achieved.
• World Lens
World Lens is the app of the future, and is definitely a must-have for any travellers.  It’s a translation app that works in real time, across many different languages. The app works best on signs and larger text, perfect for navigating through foreign cities as the translation is instant. Once languages are chosen and the camera is pointed at the sign, the app will translate it without you struggling to type in a foreign language.
• Sleep as Android
If you’re having some trouble sleeping, Sleep as Android might be able to tell you why.  Before you visit the doctor or invest in sleeping pills, download this app for free, and take your phone to bed with you. It will play you some peaceful sounds of nature to send you off to sleep. It then tracks all movements and noises you make during the night, so you can easily determine if anything is disrupting you. Even better, Sleep as Android is also programmed to wake you during the lightest part of your sleep cycle, with calming natural sounds, allowing you to feel more rested in the morning.
• Google Goggles
Sometimes it’s hard to find what you’re looking for if you don’t have the right search word. Google Goggles allows you to take a picture of anything, and it will search the internet for it. It handles anything from signs to landmarks, to barcodes; a quick and easy way to search for something when you aren’t quite sure of what it is.
• Groupon
Goupon is the best way to find good deals and specials that has a limited availability. Now you can scout through a huge range of trips, products, services, and vouchers for quick checks and impulse buys. The app will also send you emails when new deals are available so you won’t miss out if you are in search of something specific.
• Banking apps
Most banks now have their own app, which allows you easy access to your finances. It allows you to check your account details at any time. All account balances are shown on one screen. It also allows you to make transfers, online purchases, and check all transactions made from your accounts.  If you’re a bit worried about privacy, the app is password protected, and automatically logs out when the app is closed.
• Fake Call – Prank Call
Unfortunately, you can’t call other people; the point of the app is to make it look like someone else is calling you. And there’s no limit to who can get in touch with you. While it may seem useless as first, it’s actually perfect for those moments when you need to subtly escape from a sticky situation.