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The Most Expensive Car Crash Reports Ever

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-07-20
A car crash can be a devastating spectacle. We remind you why car insurance is important with some of the most expensive car crashes ever.
Car crashes can be pretty pricey affairs, but ideally your car insurance company is picking up the bill for your latest fender bender. If you’re feeling a little blue about the nicks and dents on your set of wheels, don’t worry, other people have experienced far worse damage to their (super)cars. Chain smash in Japan Chain crashes tend to be the most costly to society for obvious reasons, and there is nothing worse, financially at least, than a chain crash of expensive vehicles. In December 2011, a convoy of pricey sports cars collapsed like dominoes after the lead ferrari lost control of the vehicle. At the time, it was dubbed the world’s most expensive car crash as it involved a number of Ferraris. ferrari Final Tally: $4 million or plus-minus R59 million in today’s currency.

Other Ferrari mishaps

Local Ferrari smash: On Monday, 10 July, A durban man totalled his Ferrari and was fighting for his life in hospital You Magazine and News 24 reported. Paramedics arrived at the scene to find a yellow Ferrari had overturned according to Crisis Medical spokesperson Neil Powell. He said further investigation revealed a 52-year-old-man trapped inside the vehicle. An American in Paris: American billionaire Christopher Cox damaged his ‘62 Ferrari GTO at a Ferrari rally in France in 2012. Only 38 of these vehicles were built, making this a rare piece of automotive excellence worth upwards of 30 million dollars (R441 million). Both Cox and his wife were medically treated for minor injuries after another rally vehicle rear-ended them causing the smash.   Football star's extreme 'curler':  Cristiano Ronaldo crashed his Ferrari into a roadside barrier in Manchester in 2009, but then hitched a lift with fellow player and goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar in order to make it in time for training. The sport’s car was registered in his home country of Portugal and is part of a fleet owned by Ronaldo. No injuries were reported but the car damage amounted to 300 000 dollars or plus-minus R4.58 million. China’s supercar fail Another of Asia’s costliest car crashes to date happened just last year when a drunk-driver totalled his Koenigsegg Agera, and then proceeded to hide his head in shame behind his clothing until the tow-truck operator arrived hours later.   Final Tally3.5 million dollars or plus-minus R51.5 million Expensive celeb crash in Britain You wouldn’t suspect Rowan Atkinson of Mr Bean fame to be a petrol head, but that he is with his McLaren F1 supercar making over £7 million in profit from a recent sale. 2016-McLaren-P1-Car-Wallpaper-Free Final Tally: 1,17 million dollars or plus-minus R17 million rand In 2011, Atkinson escaped with an injured shoulder after crashing his McLaren into a tree and road sign, before it caught fire in Cambridgeshire, England according to CNBC.    

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