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The Most Pointless Websites on the Internet

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2015-04-30
Sometimes useless sights have the most entertainment value. We’ve found some of the most useless, yet oddly entertaining and satisfying pages out there.

Written by: Chelsea Petersen
The internet is a wonderful place; an infinite source of information, both brilliant, and inspiring. On the other hand, it’s also home to some of the most pointless websites the world has to offer. We’ve found some of the most useless, yet oddly entertaining and satisfying pages out there.
Shake Vigorously –
Shake vigorously is definitely pointless, and also one of the weirdest sites on the list. Move your mouse to vigorously shake the wiggly black thing and enjoy the show. 
Be aware that the site does have bright flashing images.
Ducks are the Best –
Lucky for us, some duck-loving souls decided to share their passion for ducks with the rest of the world. Leave a trail of ducks with your cursor while they quack happily away. If not just to block out the flashing, and shockingly bright background.
Eel Slap –
Ever been so frustrated you wanted to repeatedly slap someone with an eel? No you have the chance. Slap some guy in the face with an eel. Then do it in slow mo. So very satisfying.
Quite the opposite of the duck-lover, the inventor of this page must have once suffered a traumatic experience with baked beans. The page allows you to shake a can of beans until it explodes. And then lets you listen to a surviving bean scream until you squish it with a finger. Repeat when another starts screaming for its fallen comrade. And again.
Sometimes Red, Sometimes Blue -
This one is self-explanatory. It’s a blank page. Sometimes it’s red. Sometimes it’s blue. Feel the rush of not knowing what you’ll get.
Is it a Jewish Holiday - 
There are so many Jewish holidays, it’s hard to keep track. This kind soul was probably just trying to help. If it’s a Jewish holiday, the site will tell you what it is. For all the normal days of the year, the site simply says, NO.
Make everything Okay –
This one really shows the power of the internet, with its Make Everything OK button. Click it, and it starts making everything OK. I found that everything was still not okay. Apparently there’s a problem with my “perception of objective reality”.
Falling Falling – 
A great site for those odd moments when you want to experience vertigo without the height. The moving background and sound effects simulate a falling sensation.
Annoying Cursor –
True to its name, this is possibly the most annoying site ever. I’m sure the inventor just doesn’t like people. Your cursor disappears when on the page, to be replaced by another one that moves in the opposite direction of wherever you want it to go. It’s maddeningly confusing.
Once you start this one, it’s surprisingly difficult to stop. Make the circles divide into four smaller ones. All the circles. Forever.
Patience is a Virtue -
A brilliant way to test someone’s patience.
Chat With Yourself –
Great for when you’re not in an ideal situation to talk to yourself out loud. You can even watch other people talk to themselves as if you were overhearing them.
If you’re interested in finding more sites to happily waste time on, try

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