The Number One TV In South Africa Is…

South Africans love watching TV and you’d think that the number one selling TV brand is Samsung, the truth will surprise you.
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Buying a new TV is never easy, there are many brands and types of TV to choose from. Do you buy an HD TV? A 4K TV? A curved one? What about brands? Surely Samsung and LG make the best TVs in the country? If that's what you think, then you'd be mistaken. broadband_article_banner It appears as though South African consumers are realising that life does indeed get better with Hisense. According to data from a leading international market research organisation, Hisense has now ranked number one for the number of television units sold in South Africa for the 5thconsecutive month running. During July 2016, the company managed to capture 23% of the local market, with its closest competitors only securing 16% and 15% of market share respectively. In the Chinese domestic market, Hisense consistently maintains a first place ranking in the television space, having done so for the past 13 years. However, with Hisense South Africa achieving dominance in unit share between March and July 2016, it is the first time the brand has managed to clinch the top spot in an overseas market. hisense-40K366 According to Tommy Jiant, Hisense South Africa's television product line manager, the company’s success can be attributed to a sharp increase in demand for the 49-inch and higher range as consumers recognise the benefits of larger, more detailed panels.
“Hisense is an innovation driven company, which on the television side translates to the pursuit of superior picture quality through leading television innovation. This includes our ULED technology, which offers not only a wider colour gamut but also dynamic backlight control, both of which are essential for better picture quality."
Hisense’s strategic decision to open a factory in Atlantis in the Western Cape could also be a factror. This investment is paying dividends, with local production being able to shelter consumers from the worst of the rise in the rand/dollar exchange rate. Although the path to the top spot hasn’t been easy, Jiang believes that the company’s hard work in South Africa is now translating into improved sales. He believes customers put their trust into Hisense because they have realised, "you do not need to pay a fortune for a feature rich television." The Hisense television range in South Africa offers sizes from 32-inches to 85-inches, and includes Curved, 3D, Smart, LED, ULED and Ultra High Definition (UHD) models. The T910 ULED television, for example, provides stunning picture quality thanks to its curved panel, the use of ULED technology and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times that of regular Full HD models. Looking for a new broadband package? The Guru can help you find the best deals!