The Top 5 Productivity Apps You Need

Constant connectivity means constant reminders of all the things you need to complete. Here are 5 of the best apps that can help you.
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In the 21st century, we're all busier than ever before - constant connectivity means that we hardly ever switch off and that we're constantly focused on all the things that we need to complete.  In an effort to help you streamline your life, we've found 5 of the best free apps to help boost your productivity. mobile_728x90


Wunderlist app Wunderlist allows you to make lists, share these lists, set due dates and reminders. It can also help you organise your grocery list, remember movies you want to see or collaborate to help plan a vacation. There are many other apps which can do these things, the difference is that Wunderlist does them with more ease and thanks to the availability of the apps on Windows PCs, Windows Mobile, Mac, iOS and Android, you'll be able to access your lists no matter where you are or which device you're on. Wunderlist is also compatible with Android Wear and Apple Watch, which means that now you can jot down those ideas as soon as you think of them without having to reach for your phone or laptop.   Available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Cost : Free (in-app purchases available)  

Google Drive

Google Drive The odds are that you have tons of images, files and various other things floating around your collection of devices, taking up valuable space that could be used for other things. It could also be that sometimes you need a certain image or file at work but it’s actually sitting at home on your computer. The easiest solution is to get a cloud storage account. Google Drive is just one example of a cloud storage account, however, unlike many other great cloud storage solutions this one is free and it works across any device capable of connecting to the internet. It offers a free tier which is upgradable (at a cost), however, Google often awards free storage space to its users in a multitude of ways. Both Samsung and LG have previously awarded free Google Drive storage space to people who had registered on of their smartphones to their Google Account. Google has also held surveys, which have awarded free storage space and at times given away storage space on momentous occasions. It works across all platforms, stores everything from your work files to your images and even mp3s and video. It has the added benefit of allowing you to create documents and excel type spreadsheets in the cloud, thereby not taking up any space on your desktop. These files and folders can also be shared with anyone, anywhere in the world.   Available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Cost: Free  


Tiny Scanner Ever walked over to the copier / scanner and discovered that it wasn’t working? It’s happened to all of us, the problem is, what do you do? TinyScanner is an app that uses your phone’s rear-facing camera to take a picture of the document you want to scan. It then converts it into a PDF and allows you to send it via email, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox or OneDrive. It looks just as good as if you’d used an actual scanner and has the added benefit of allowing you to “scan” in colour. Scanned images can be saved to the app or your phone’s gallery for future use.   Available on Android and iOS. Cost : Free  


Toggl Time tracking is vital when you work for clients or when you have employees. There are many time tracking apps and services available but Toggl is one of the best currently available. It allows for real time tracking, time sheet exporting and is available cross-platform. It’s incredibly easy to use; all you need to do is click a button when you’re ready to begin tracking. It supports live tracking and post tracking. The project being tracked can be edited later for specifics, such as a title, a project name or a client. It’s reporting features support filters, tags and billable rates. It provides summary reports on a given period and show it in graphs, which can then be shared through a link or exported in Excel, CSV and PDF formats.   Toggl is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It is free with paid options available as well.  


Pocket It’s easy to lose track of an article that you want to read when you're furiously searching for something on the internet. Pocket allows you to save an article and read it later. With just one click, you can save an article to any device and read it when you have time. Once you’ve read an article, you can mark it as read which saves you from getting lost in the clutter of all the amazing articles you’ve saved. The biggest advantage is the collaboration with many other apps which have Pocket baked in as the default service to save articles. Available on Android, iOS, Web and Kobo e-readers. Cost : Free Looking for the best contract smartphone? Let the Guru help you NOW