The World’s Most Dependable Cars of 2015

Many think the more you pay for a car equals the more reliability and longevity one will receive from it. Right? Not always.
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Written By: Jessica Woodruff   Porsche, SA's Car of the Year for three years in a row, as well as UK brand Bentley, have been ranked as the two least reliable cars, according to a UK Survey. The survey entitled, "What Car?" partnered with a UK insurance company, Warranty Direct, to discuss if digging into your pockets (and life savings) really was worth it. According to the survey, these two luxury cars were more likely to break down and leave you stranded compared to other cheaper vehicles. Warranty Direct assessed 38 car brands between the ages of three and eight years, distance covered, cost of repairs and, of course, failure rate. The top gunners were Toyota in third place, Suzuki in second and Honda as the most reliable car you could own. Take a look at the list below; MOST RELIABLE MANUFACTURERS 1 Honda 2 Suzuki 3 Toyota 4 Chevrolet 4 Mazda 6 Ford 7 Lexus 8 Skoda 9 Hyundai 9 Nissan 9 Subaru The most reliable model of car according to the report is the Honda Jazz and Mitsubishi Lancer. On the other end of the scale, the least reliable car, and one of our favourite drivers we love to hate, the Audi RS6. The Audi RS6 failed in terms of suspension and axle faults and is the most costly vehicle to send in for repairs or a service. Other luxury cars who proved to be unreliable, especially with electrical problems, included BMW's M5, Bentley's Continental GT and Porsche's 911. Honda's reliability status is mostly down to its low failure rate as well as low cost when going in for a service, which doesn’t exactly break the bank. Most common faults found in the study? Electrical, axle and suspension faults, affecting 22 percent of cars surveyed.