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There Are 1.4 Million Uninsured Cars On SA Roads

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-02-24
We took a look at the number of uninsured cars that are currently on the same road as you. The numbers will petrify you!
A study done by the Automobile Association of South Africa during 2016 surveyed the number of uninsured drivers who are currently active on South African roads. Shockingly, 1.4 million cars are currently driving on the same roads as us without insurance. Furthermore, 800,000 cars are unroadworthy or are not registered at all. This translates into three in ten cars being insured. Next time you are in traffic, look at the group of cars around you and realise what impact that has on our lives. These numbers paint a grim picture for South African roads, as 14,000 people die annually on our roads. The impact of an uninsured driver involved in an accident is financially and emotionally taxing. Not only are costs involved somewhat life-destroying for most, but the process is incredibly long and drawn out.

Reasons For Not Being Insured

We looked into the main reasons why people do not insure their vehicles and forgo the risk of getting into a crash uncovered.
  • Unaffordable premiums. One of the top reasons for people skipping insurance is that their current income only covers the installment and fuel per month. Added insurance pushes the range out of the affordability bracket.
  • They do not trust insurance companies. We have all heard it, and even felt it. Insurance is a grudge cost, you pay every month and see no return. The risk of you being caught without the cover is, however, much higher than contributing monthly.
  • “It won’t happen to me”. This is the standard excuse we hear, and also feel. Until it does happen.

So, What Should You Do?

  • If you are uninsured, the first thing you should do is do a comparison of insurance quotations. You can do one right here on our site to see the lowest premiums that can be offered to you. Many argue that the cost of premiums are too high. The cost of paying off damage to another person’s car, as well as your own, however, is even higher.
  • When purchasing a new car, be sure to keep the insurance premium in mind when making a decision on the car. Not only do you have to work out the car installment when picking your car, but you have to apply for insurance and add that cost on top of it. When buying a new car, you will not be allowed to take delivery of the car without an insurance schedule. Make sure that you calculate this properly.
  • Be prepared with third party insurance. Should you really not be able to afford comprehensive insurance on your old beaten up car, make sure you at least have third party. Not only is this cheaper, but it can save you excessive costs in the future, should you crash into someone else’s car. In this way, you are on the first step to a successful financial future.

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