The hashtag #ThingsTwitterWillNeverChange has been trending on social media. We take a look at Twitter stats and what we would like changed.
Compare Guru
Twitter is undergoing a bit of a slump at the moment. In fact, things are so bad that the company is rumoured to be looking for a buyer. As bad as things are though, it doesn't mean that no-one is using the service. According to the following infographic from Twitter South Africa, the service is still very much alive and well: #WhoUsesTwitter Infographic_ZA (1) #WhoUsesTwitter Infographic_ZA Despite this, there are a few things that we would like to see Twitter change which could make the platform better to use:
  1. Better integration with music services on Twitter apps
  2. The ability to schedule tweets without having to use a third party app
  3. Allowing us to edit tweets after we've sent them
Let us know what you'd like Twitter to change.