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#ThingsYouCanDoWithR85, In Joburg, This Summer

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2016-11-24
This summer, everyone is looking to save. We’ve curated some awesome #ThingsYouCanDoWithR85 in Joburg to have the best holiday on a budget.
When it comes to summer time in South Africa, Cape Town is the destination that comes with all the bells and whistles. You know, beaches? Mountains? Lakes? Need we go on? But, it also comes with high tourist congestion at all the best spots for outdoor leisure.
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Joburg, on the other hand, is less congested with a few hidden treasures of its own. And it’s not Sun City.
Like one resident described it “If Joburg were a person, she would not be the most attractive person in the room, but she’s the one with the great personality who can very well keep you entertained – if you just make the effort.”
Well we’ve made an effort, and we agree. Here are some #ThingsYouCanDoForR85 in the friendly city (that tries a little harder).
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#ThingsYouCanDoForR85 In The City of Gold

1. A Swim

Admittedly, swimming wasn’t the first activity we thought of to do in Joburg, either. But, there are some stunning, well-maintained public pools in Joburg that you can spend the day at. Whether you’re with friends or family, Ellis Park Swimming Pool is well positioned between the city and the suburbs in New Doornfontein, and the entrance fee is only R5. Linden Swimming Pool is slightly more, but still super cheap, at R12. This one is especially great for kids and has both an indoor (heated) and outdoor option. And, if you want to make a whole day of it (and you’re not limited to R85), there are some amazing restaurants close by as well as some vintage furniture stores worth a browse. Zoo Lake Swimming Pool is an absolute crowd pleaser. Also at R12, you get sprawling lawns, play areas for the kids, and lots of open space for a picnic or a braai. Oh, and the swimming pool of course. Large and pristine.

2. A Row

If you prefer to stay on top of the water, head to Zoo Lake and hire a rowing boat and work your way across the manmade pond. The ducks are tame, and the swans, well, not quite fairytale grade. But they’re swans, okay? At only R10 per person, this is great for impressing a date, without breaking your budget. You can buy a loose beer, or two, at the (Solly) Kramers Bottle Store on Tyrone Avenue, and set sail into the sunset. Almost.

3. A Bit Of Culture

If you’re feeling a bit ‘artsy fartsy’, JAG is a good option for you. It’s the Johannesburg Art Gallery, and it’s open six days a week. The entrance is always free, so save your R85 for drinks. Pretty pictures in a beautiful building. Done.

4. A Market Or Two

Joburg has a bunch of markets which provide for great days (and nights) out. There’s the night markets as well as the Market on Main in Maboneng, the Saturday Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein, and a Food Lovers market. All great options, especially if you want to see Joburg hustling and bustling during the day. A local favourite is the market environment in Fordsburg that’s open every evening. Apparently, everything is fake, so this isn’t the place to buy Christmas gifts for hipsters. You’re more likely to find a wide selection of pirated DVDs. But, the atmosphere is lively and you can get some great Dosa, and other delicious Indian dishes at a steal. Have a browse, grab a bite, followed by a lassi (sweet savoury drink) or some china fruit. Don't ask, you have to taste it. Another spot on Tyrone Avenue is a hidden little market that sells, to quote a local, “granny things”. Good for a browse and a mingle but, depending on your tastes, maybe hold onto your R85 for lunch.

5. The Great Outdoors

If you’re into flowers and foliage, the Johannesburg Botanical Garden in Emmarentia is a must. There’s something very ‘Secret Garden-y’ and romantic about the fact that it was established in the 60s as a large rose garden. The Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden, in Roodepoort, is more than double the size of the Joburg Botanical and also features a small hike. Mushroom Park, a bit more conveniently situated, is close to Sandton. There you go, a whole bunch of #ThingsYouCanDoWithR85, in Joburg, this summer. Don't say we never give you anything now.

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