What R4 Billion Could Do For South Africa (Aside From Buying The President A Jet)

There are numerous public sectors in South Africa that could use a R4 billion cash injection. Housing, schools, and hospitals are just a few who could put the R4 billion, purportedly going to be spent on a private jet for president Zuma, to better use. Here are a view other things we be spending the R4 billion on:
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Amidst protests across the country concerning the increase of university fees, President Zuma announced that there would be a 0% increase in fees at universities. Without a fee increase, there will be an estimated R2.23 billion shortfalls in funding, which could be easily paid for using the R4 billion allocated for Zuma's private jet. While this is a definitely a cry for social justice, let's assess just how far R4 billion could go in alleviating South Africa's problems. debt review

This is how R4 billion could benefit South African citizens

Help alleviate the housing issue

There is currently a backlog of over 2 million South Africans waiting for RDP houses. According to a recent study, one RDP house currently costs about R90 000 to build. By those calculations, R4 billion could build 44 444 much-needed houses for South Africans who are in dire need of housing.

Interior of the possible R4 billion jet

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Install digital hubs in underprivileged schools

Earlier this year, South Africa's first digital hub was installed in an underprivileged school in Gauteng. These hubs consist of Wi-Fi access points, tablets, smart boards, and high-tech security measures to prevent theft and vandalism. These hubs can be used by community members to search for jobs, access information on the internet, and network with business owners. R4 billion is enough to purchase over 3 000 digital hubs for use across the country.

Build schools across the country

According to Arcelor Mittal, an initiative that builds schools in South Africa, one school costs approximately R34 million to build. This includes administration buildings, classrooms, toilets, a laboratory, and sports fields. A school of this size would be able to accommodate 1 200 learners. What else the R4 billion could pay for:
  1. School fees for 285 714 learners for an entire year.
  2. Feed over 10 million families of 4 for four weeks.
  3. Help provide Wi-Fi access in all schools and government buildings.
  4. Help contribute to 0% inflation on food prices.
  5. Over 50 million energy-saving light bulbs.
  6. 40 million schoolbags.
  7. 16 Nkandla Homesteads.
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