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Thuli Madonsela and Her 5 Thoughts as Public Protector

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-10-14
It's Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela's, last day in this role today. We take a look at five things she has learnt over the last 7 years.
As Advocate Thuli Madonsela serves her last day as Public Protector, after a seven-year reign, we are curious to hear her thoughts and what she has learnt. News24 recently conducted an interview with the outgoing Public Protector that many view as "of the same cloth" as Nelson Mandela.

Here Are Five Things Madonsela Has Learnt As Public Protector

Entitled, "Madonsela Zingers" - her five lessons are zingers indeed.  thuli+madonsela+new

Lesson 1  - Believe No-One At Face Value

"I must say, I leave a little cynical about human beings. I really, honestly used to take people at face value. If you come to me and say to me, "This is what happened," I used to believe you and I now listen to everyone with a pinch of salt."

Lesson 2 - Laugh At The Rumours

News24 interviewer asked her what she thought when Deputy Minister of Defence and Military Veteran Kebby Maphatsoe accused her of being on the CIA payroll.
"I found it very funny and we've laughed about it a lot with my team." Madonsela continues with a straight face, "Just about how someone can be so dumb (crowd laughs). If you are going to frame someone, then at least hire someone who can create a credible story."
She goes on to say that her supposed CIA card is the same photo used for her Public Protector poster, "Don't they have their own cameras?" she mused while the crowd laughed.

Lesson 3 -  Don't Mix Family and Politics

"I did, in the early years, prefer that none of my family should be a member of any political party, or at least not be a visible member of any political party because it may have ramifications for me."
Her children are also not allowed to wear the t-shirts of any political parties when they are at home.

Lesson 4 - Stay Truthful No Matter What

The interviewer asks Madonsela if she was surprised when she found out Zuma had reversed his decision on the Public Protector's binding powers and where she was at the time of his announcement.
"I was in his office, " she relies very matter of fact.

Lesson 5 - Always Remain Calm

"I'm not sure Andile will agree I am always calm. I would say most of the time I am calm. It's really about managing the gap between a trigger and what you do." "But the simplest approach is to try not to be hungry."
Watch the full video below:

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