Tips For Buying Software For A Start-up Business

Starting up a business or ‘going out on your own’ can be a daunting task, and whilst many claim to be the oracle of business management, there are a few essential things you need to consider.
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Written By: Jessica Woodruff First, decide what your most fundamental needs are for both your business and any staff you may take on. Innovation paired with the right technology is essential in helping your start-up develop into a well-oiled and profitable business, but what software should you use right off the cuff? Software can be pricey, and buying the right tools for your start-up can be difficult, but are essential in maintaining that 'numero uno' position. It is thus important to decide what you need to achieve first with the software accrued. Things to consider: Does it save you time and money? There is no point in trying to be as innovative and "on the edge" as possible if the software you use does not save both your time and your pennies. Will the software make your employees more efficient? ... Moreover, does it make their lives easier? Minimising employee frustration with lagging and ineffective software can be invaluable to a company's productivity.   Software tools we recommend Web Analytics The first thing investors will look at in a start-up is numbers. Kissmetrics likens web analytics to viewing pictures of a house before you put in an offer or of a country before you visit. Web traffic allows consumers, readers and investors to see the cold hard facts of why you are a profitable platform and why they should pay attention to you. Equally important, metrics provide attainable goals for both yourself and employees and allows you to analyse trends to determine what works against what does not. Google Web Analytics is a free and accurate tool and allows you to gage how your business fairs over a certain period and can be both a great source of motivation and a tool for learning about your business. Hootsuite As you attempt to gain traction with your business, you may take to social media to generate talkability of your brand. This seemingly easy task can however prove difficult to maintain as you attempt to manage other daily tasks as a start-up owner. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts, keep track of your social media and will even tell you which posts worked on all your social platforms. Hootsuite goes even further by collating what people are saying about your product and what they searched for when they found you. This information can be vital when assessing who your audience is, what they would like to see and what they want from the service you provide - saving you countless hours. Word Press An increasingly popular trend in business is the ability to blog and provides your company with a voice. Investors and the public want to know why you are different and why your product or service should get them excited to work with you. WordPress provides many small businesses with this platform, and with its many templates, customisations and formats, it is easy to get your business "out there" and most importantly, with something to say. Quora Ever felt like you are going it alone with your business? Try Quora, a question-and-answer platform that provides first hand and much needed advice from other business owners who, just like you, started their own businesses from scratch. Founders’ Adam d'Angelo and Charlie Cheever were both named in Inc. Magazine's 'Top 30 under 30' entrepreneurs list in 2011 and CNNMoney's 'Smartest Engineer runner-ups' in their Smartest People in Tech article. Users can either observe information published on the site or contribute and edit answers according to their first hand experiences. OmniFocus Scared you are losing focus or forgetting things you desperately wanted to remember for later? Omnifocus is a personal task manager that collates all thoughts and ideas into to do lists, no matter how small or insignificant the idea. The aim is for the 'to do lists' Omnifocus creates to reignite creativity, focus productivity and ultimately, save you time.