Top 5 Asked Questions About The New Car Licence Renewal Laws

From the 1st November, 2015, the process of renewing a driver’s licence in South Africa changed. Compare Guru lists the Top 5 Asked Questions About The New Car Licence Renewal Laws…
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The new car licence renewal laws are out and there are a couple amendments. If your car licence is up for renewal, below are a few things you need to take into account or risk being turned away.
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1. What is the Reason Behind the Law?

Many have wondered why the law was even implemented in the first place. Siphesihle Dube, the Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works stated that it was, "to ensure that we as the licensing authorities can work better to access all drivers who have vehicles registered with the system and all other people who need to contact the eNatis system for whatever reason."

2. What About South African Drivers Living Abroad Who Wish to Renew?

There are plenty of South African expats currently living abroad who don't have any proof of residence documentation. So what about car licence renewal? Dube provides expat requirements below:
"Proof and confirmation by the applicant stating the country, city or town, and residential address where he or she resides, the period of stay, that he or she will be unable to renew the licence in person and the name and identification number of the person who will be submitting the application for renewal."


3. How Do I Prove That The Car(s) Belong(s) To Me?

This has been asked by drivers who will be sending a friend or relative to renew their licence on their behalf. Dube has stated that,
"This is not about proving ownership, but about verification of ID particulars and address."
The address of the person should be recorded and confirmed on the eNaTIS, in order to receive the MVL2 renewal notice on behalf of the vehicle owner. This person must present ID and proof of address.

4. What About Outstanding E-toll fees?

Many drivers are wondering how the new laws will affect e-toll payments. The Automobile Association of South Africa informs:
"We would further like to point out that while there is a requirement for proof of residence, the new regulation cannot be used to withhold a license disc for outstanding e-toll fees."
This goes for drivers licences as well. 2011_3thumbimg131_Mar_2011_192642327-ll1-537x350

5. What Has Remained Unchanged?

While the process of renewing your licence disc has changed, the laws surrounding vehicle ownership remain unchanged.
  1. Licence discs will remain valid for a period of one year
  2. All motor vehicle insurance policies have to be valid and up to date. It may be a good idea to revise your car insurance policy.
  3. Your vehicle needs to be in a roadworthy state
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