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UberEATS Launches In South Africa

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-09-28
UberEATS is currently only available in Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa. Find out how you can make use of the service here...
UberEATS, the food delivery service created by Uber, is now available in South Africa.

All About UberEATS

ubereats First launched in Canada in 2015, the new service is currently only available in certain parts of Gauteng (specifically Northern Johannesburg) between 7am and 10pm. “We’re so excited to finally be launching UberEATS in Johannesburg, one of the world’s trendiest food destinations. UberEATS makes life simpler and more satisfying for those who are short on time and with the hustle and bustle in Joburg we know it’s the best city to launch in,” says Alon Lits, General Manager, Uber Sub-Saharan Africa. UberEATS utilises a standalone app and not the regular Uber app that you currently have on your phone. You can, however, log in with your regular Uber login. When you open the app, you get results from restaurants within a certain radius which you can order from. Once you've placed your order, you then get an estimated delivery time. Uber says that they aim to complete most deliveries within 30 minutes or less. Orders are then delivered using either an UberX car or specialised UberEATS two wheelers. Payment for your UberEATS orders can be made using the same cards that you use for your regular Uber trips. At this stage there is no cash payment option, but there is also no surge pricing. There is no minimum order size but there is a minimum delivery fee of R20, which is the same as the minimum fee for UberX. The service has partnered with over 85 restaurants locally and will add more - including fast food outlets - in the future. There is no alcohol delivery at this stage but this is something that will hopefully change in the future. tw_greens_1024x512 UberEATS will also offer users a promotional code which they can share with other potential diners. When someone uses your code, you will receive R100 in UberEATS credit. Download the app and enter the promo code at checkout; TryEatsZA on checkout to enjoy up to R100 off your first order. Available for new UberEATS users only.   When will people outside of Gauteng get access to the service?
“The priority is Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, followed by expansion across Gauteng,” says Dave Kitley, Operations and Logistics Manager at Uber South Africa. “We expect to extend the service to Midrand and Pretoria by the end of year and Cape Town next year.”

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