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Vodacom FTTH Launched

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-12-08
Vodacom is the latest service provide to join the Fibre To The Home ranks. Here are some more details regarding their new offering.
The fibre rollout in South Africa has rapidly begun picking up speed. With more and more people aware of what fibre internet is and that it's an option instead of getting a regular ADSL connection. Vodacom is the latest company to offer fibre internet with their new Vodacom Fibre Broadband. broadband_article_banner

Vodacom Introduces a Fibre Offering

The company defines fibre broadband as "high speed broadband internet connectivity from 4 Mbps to 100 Mbps over a future proof fibre network to customers in residential communities. Broadband internet access over fibre essentially allows the user a faster and more reliable internet browsing experience, not supported by conventional methods of connecting to the internet".
Available as either month-to-month or 12 to 24 month options, these offerings are only available through their third-party network operators in certain areas.
Louisa van Beek, Managing Executive for FTTX (Fibre-To-The-X) at Vodacom, says: ‘We are making good progress on our own fibre deployment. By entering into strategic wholesale agreements to sell services through other network providers, we have additional access to over 175 000 end points.’ ‘The rollout of fibre remains a critical part of Vodacom’s growth strategy and our intention remains to pass one million fibre end-points within the next four years.’
Find out if fibre is available in your area here.

Vodacom Fibre Packages

Please note that the Vodacom Fibre Broadband product offering and monthly subscriptions differs per network infrastructure provider. However, the subscription per product on the same network infrastructure provider is the same across all contract duration options with varying once-off charges. The once-off charge for all 12 month contracts is R499 (incl. VAT) and R999 for all month-to-month contracts. There is no once-off charge for 24 month contracts. *All Vodacom Fibre products are subject to Vodacom Fibre T&Cs available at
Network Line Speed (Mbps) Monthly Allocation / Uncapped (GB) Monthly Subscription (incl. VAT)
MetroFibre 10 Mbps 100 R579
10 Mbps Uncap. R679
25 Mbps 200 R729
25 Mbps Uncap. R829
50 Mbps 300 R899
50 Mbps Uncap. R1049
100 Mbps 500 R1299
100 Mbps Uncap. R1449
SADV 10 Mbps 50 R529
10 Mbps Uncap. R629
20 200 R729
20 Mbps Uncap. R849
50 Mbps 300 R929
50 Mbps Uncap. R1049
100 Mbps 500 R1399
100 Mbps Uncap. R1549
Fibrehoods 10 Mbps 100 R599
20 Mbps 200 R699
50 Mbps 300 R799
50 Mbps Uncap. R899
100 Mbps 1000 R949
100 Mbps Uncap. R1099
Century City Connect 10 Mbps 100 R549
10 Mbps Uncap. R599
20 Mbps 200 R699
20 Mbps Uncap. R799
50 Mbps 300 R849
50 Mbps Uncap. R899
100 Mbps 500 R949
100 Mbps Uncap. R999
Vumatel       4 Mbps 100  R449
20 Mbps 200  R749 
20 Mbps  Uncap. R799 
 50 Mbps  400 R1049 
50 Mbps Uncap.  R1099 
100 Mbps   600 R1399 
100 Mbps Uncap.  R1499 
Openserve         4 Mbps  25  R449
 10 Mbps 100  R649 
 10 Mbps Uncap.  R799 
20 Mbps 200  R949 
20 Mbps Uncap.  R1499 
 40 Mbps 300  R1149 
40 Mbps Uncap.  R1999 
100 Mbps 500  R1599 
100 Mbps Uncap.  R2499 

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