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What Do The Lights On Your Dashboard Mean?

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-04-01
One of the lights on your dashboard has just come on. What does it mean and is there something seriously wrong with your car?
Do you ever start your car and see all the lights blinking on and off? Have you ever noticed one or two that you don’t recognise? If one of these comes on, and stays on, how serious is the problem?

What The Lights On Your Dashboard Actually Mean

Here is a breakdown of what the lights on the dash actually mean:


This a warning that your coolant needs to be topped up and that your car is in danger of overheating. Make sure that you get this checked out as soon as possible as, if it is left unchecked, it can blow a gasket and that could be incredibly costly.      

Washer Fluid

This indicates that the window washer fluid is low. Just a simple top up of water will do the trick.        


Check your tyres! There is either a problem with the tyre pressure, or you have a flat tyre.        


Hopefully, this is an obvious one, buckle yourself up! Put your seatbelt on!      


This indicates that there is something wrong with your oil in your car. There could be too little, there could be a problem with the pressure, or the temperature of the oil is too high. Make sure you get your car to a garage as soon as you can if you see this on.



This is the master warning light. This usually comes on at the same time as another light, or text, warning you that something is wrong. Usually, it is not important and can just mean that your door is ajar, but it definitely is worth checking out.    


This is quite a serious light to look out for. You will need to get your car to a mechanic as soon as this comes on. It could possibly be faulty electrical sensors, or there could be something wrong with the engine. If the light comes on and your car loses power, it could have gone into safe mode to protect itself.    


If this light doesn't go off after you switch your car on, there could be some battery-related problems. Whether it be the battery going flat, a problem with the alternator, or just a faulty cable.      


This means that there is a problem with one of the airbags. If you are involved in an accident, you or your passengers could possibly not be protected. Make sure to get this sorted out as soon as possible.      


This light indicates that there is a fault with your antilock braking system. It is best to get this checked out as soon as possible.      

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