What To Consider When Buying Your Next Phone

Choosing your next smartphone can be more difficult than choosing whether or not to eat that last donut. Here are a few things to consider.
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Smartphones have become one of the most personal and important devices in our lives, they're the devices we use to capture our most important memories and help us keep up to date with what's happening in the world around us. As such an integral part of our lives, choosing a new handset is not an easy thing, especially when companies are releasing new devices every few weeks. Looking for a new smartphone? The Guru can help you find the best deals.  So what do you do? How do you choose a new smartphone? Do you go for the latest, shiniest new device?

We have a few tips you help you out:

Choose smartphone


How much a device is going to set you back is arguably the most important thing to consider when buying a new handset. Do you really need the most expensive, high-end handset on the market or could you make do with some that would cost less and give you similar features?


Everyone knows the Samsung's and Apple's of the world, but there are new brands who also making great handsets at a fraction of the cost. Brand loyalty is understandable, if a specific name brand has proven to be reliable in terms of quality and after sales support, then why shouldn't ou support them? Unknown brands might be scary but it's worth taking time to find out about the Xiaomi's and Huawei's of the world.

Value adds 

These days smartphone manufacturers are making tons of accessories from smartwatches to VR headsets, so why shouldn't you get the opportunity to try out these new devices with your new phone? Companies have realised this and many of them are now including value-adds to their smartphone deals, so instead of just buying a smartphone you could now get a smartphone AND a VR headset. This means that not only do you score some really cool tech to go with your new device, companies also get to show you why their new gadgets are all the rage and hopefully persuade you that their ecosystem is the best.


Not all mobile networks offer exactly the same phones or the same packages, in fact this is a key part of negotiations between networks and device manufacturers. Consider which network is going to give you the best value for money deal and which one best meets your needs in terms of coverage and quality. Another thing to consider is whether you need a data or talk-centric package?


Not all handsets are equal. Some have better battery life than others and some have expandable memory while others don't. These need to be factored into your decision making.
What are you going to be using your phone for?
If you're a massive fan of Instagram, then the camera might be more important; if you like being outdoors then you might be looking for something that's waterproof and more rugged than the average handset.


Are you an Android or iOS user? If you're an iOS user then the iPhone is your only option. The only choices you'll get with Apple are which version of their popular handsets you'd like to get. Advantage of the iPhone and iOS The advantage of iOS is that apps tend to be available in the Apple App Store before they reach Android. Apple's entire device ecosystem (which includes Macs, iPads, Apple Watch and Apple TV) is also designed to work together seamlessly, so if you're already using other Apple products, then iPhone might be the way to go. Advantage of Android Android is great if you're looking for customisation and the ability to swap brands without losing any of your data backed up with Google. Android's ecosystem is available across numerous brands including Samsung, Sony, LG, Hisense, Huawei and many more which means that you stand a far better chance of finding the perfect handset for you. Final thoughts At the end of the day, you need to decide what you need most in your future handset. You also need to factor in that you'll be using it for the next 2 years (if you're on contract). Don't let the salesperson confuse you with tech jargon like processor type and whether your device is HDR capable or not. Specs are not the most important thing in the world, what does matter is how well the handset works for you. debt-review-banner