What to do When You are in Line to Vote

You are doing your duty as a citizen and standing in line to vote. We all know this can take ages. Here’s what you should be doing.
Compare Guru
As we prepare to vote tomorrow, we may not be particularly excited about the likelihood of  a long wait.

We asked the Guru what are the best ways to stave off the boredom when you are in the voting queue. This is what he has suggested.

1) Read all the latest and best consumer news

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2) Plan your next holiday

What better time to dream of sandy shores when your feet are aching in a queue?

3) Save money on your risk cover

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have time to take advantage of a competitive insurance marketplace. When you’re standing in a queue, and you need to kill some time, why not save some money too by comparing insurance products?

4) Update your household budget

Equally, most of us don’t have time to update our household budgets. Quickly log on to our budget planner from your phone, then you can get all the admin out of the way while you wait.

5) Compare broadband or mobile packages

There is more than one way to save money: comparing broadband and mobile packages offer an excellent chance to save more on your monthly costs and have the data to meet all of your entertainment needs.

6) Find love in a doddle

When all’s said and done, saving all the money in the world is pointless without the right person at our side. Perhaps voting day, should also be the day to vote for love :-). Compare useful dating sites here.


  • You have to vote at the voting station where you registered
  • You need to bring along your green barcoded ID book, with your registration sticker
  • You are not obliged to vote but you are encouraged to do so
  • There are police and/or army personnel at every voting station to ensure your safety.