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What You Need To Know About Facebook Privacy Settings

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-01-06
It’s amazing how much someone can tell from your Facebook profile. Here’s how to make sure yours is private.
Facebook is one of the best ways to find out information about someone. This is something that companies sometimes take advantage of when contemplating hiring you. The platform provides a wealth of information about your personality and places you like you visit (which also shows when you're not at home) as well as other useful pieces of information that could be valuable to hackers. Considering how much of a role Facebook plays in our online presence (you can use Facebook as a valid login option for many online services), it's surprising how many people don't adjust their privacy settings and, instead, share everything with pretty much everyone on the internet.

How To Secure Your Facebook Profile

Here are two ways to adjust your Facebook privacy settings to help make your account - and your posts - a bit more secure:

1. Restrict Who Can See Your Posts

Not everyone wants to see pictures of your kids every day. And, the question you should be asking yourself is whether you actually want complete strangers to see pictures of your kids. When you post something to your wall, you have the option of restricting who can see the post thanks to an audience selector. 10173504_313437838809978_1210546865_n The tool remembers who you shared your content with the last time you posted something and uses the same audience when you share again, unless you change it. So, if you select Public for a post, your next post will also be Public unless you change the audience when you post. After you've shared a post, you are able to change who it's shared with. To do so, you'll need to click on the audience selector and select a new audience. 851564_1395070834041431_829700115_n Facebook also allows you to retroactively change the audience for older posts. To do that you'll need to click on the dropdown arrow in the top right hand side of your Facebook page. Then, scroll down to Settings and select that. On the Settings page, select Privacy. Once on the Privacy page, look for the option which says "Limit Past Posts". You'll find it in the "Who can see my stuff?" section.

2. Make Your Profile Harder To Find

Facebook user profiles are searchable. In fact, they have been for the past few years. If you don't want Google, or any other search engine, to bring up your profile in searches, here's how to make sure that doesn't happen. On the Settings screen, select Privacy on the left hand side, then make sure that the answer to the final question (“Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?”) listed is No. On the same screen you can also choose who will be able to send you friend requests. These are just a few things that you can do to secure your Facebook account a little bit more.
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