What Your ID Number Means

Do you know that each digit of your South African id number has a meaning? Find out to decipher anyone’s ID number.
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We all know that the first six digits of your ID number is your YY/MM/DD - but did you know it can also indicate your gender? So what do the rest of the digits indicate?
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Here’s What Your South African ID Number Means


Your South African ID number is made up of 13 digits, each significant to a specific part of your identity. 1. Birth date As mentioned above, the first six digits indicate your year of birth (minus the '19' or '20') for example; 14 August 1989 would be 890814. 2. Gender indicators The next four digits (SSSS) are the gender indicators;
  • Females are assigned numbers between 0000-4999
  • Males are assigned numbers between 5000 - 9999
3. Citizenship The next single digit (C) indicates your citizenship
  • SA citizen - 0
  • Permanent resident  - 1
4. Race The next digit (A)  was used up until the late 1980s to indicate a person's race. This has since been eradicated and old ID numbers have been reissued to remove this. 5. Checksum Digit The last digit (Z) is a 'checksum digit' or  error detection code which is used to check if the rest of the digits for are accurate. id number See below for a more simplified version of how a South African number is determined. SA_ID_Infographic

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