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Where Does South Africa Rank In Web Page Load Time?

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-01-26
How does South Africa compare to the rest of the world when it comes to the loading of web pages? Are we really lagging behind?
We have all read reports and heard murmurings that we, on the Southern-most tip of Africa, have slower internet speeds than the rest of the world. We all wait impatiently while the next web page loads onto our screen. But, how fair is this? We put a few comparisons of how we match up to international standards of the rest of the world.
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South Africa Sits In The Middle Of The World Rankings

According to the Akamai’s Q3 2016 State of the Internet report, South Africa’s web page loading times are somewhat average. Fixed broadband is currently sitting on 3.58 seconds to load a page. Mobile, on the other hand, is edging closer to the four-second mark, coming in at 3.69 seconds. This is somewhat standard, compared to the rest of Africa and the Middle East, according to the report. Israeli speeds are simply blown out of the water. Their average load speeds for fixed Broadband connections come in at a whopping 1.79 seconds. A mobile site does not even take a second to load, coming in at only 982ms. The country topping the international charts, however, is Iran, with a 1.2 second download time. South Korea comes in a close second at only 1.5 seconds. broadband_article_banner

What About The Rest Of The World?

At the bottom of the broadband list is Cameroon, who takes six times as long as Iran to load a page. Their average time to load a page is 7.2 seconds. Afghanistan and Zambia are also sitting in the bottom pool at 5.5 and 5.6 seconds respectively. If you were impressed by Israel, Laos takes the crown. Using mobile networks, it will only take half a second to load a web page in this South East Asian country. Iran comes in at 0.6 seconds. And, topping the other end of the scale, is Nigeria and Zambia. They come in at 8.1 and 7.5 respectively. This is, however, not taking into consideration various aspects. Page weight and composition has a huge impact on the speed at which a page loads. In many cases, this is what is slowing down the loading of the page.

What Are Consumers Saying?

Interestingly, a report by Kissmetrics has outlined how long visitors expect a web page to load. Coined The World Wide Wait, it is a look at page visit trends and they have, subsequently, developed the report. They state that 47% of visitors expect a page to load in under two seconds. 40% of people would rather leave the page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

What About Our Internet Speed?

When it comes to average peak connection speeds rankings, however, Singapore is still currently yards ahead of the world. At an average speed of 135.7mb/s, they are ahead of Hong Kong who come in at 105.2mb/s. South Korea comes in fourth at 95.3 mb/s, and Macau, at 83.1mb/s. South Africa is listed further down the page at only 18.9mb/s. This is certainly among the bottom of the list with the likes of India at 18.7, Costa Rica 16.4, Bolivia, 13.9, and Venezuela at 11. Despite internet speeds having a large effect on the time it takes to load a webpage, it seems - as mentioned - that there are, in fact, varying factors at play.

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