Which Car Service Should You Go With?

When choosing a car to buy, one of your first immediate thoughts will be to find out how expensive the service will be.This is often a place where car retailers can catch you and also the quality of the service will not always be directly related to the price of the car.
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Written By: Jessica Woodruff Take a look as we discuss how each car brand faired this year in the annual Ipsos competitive customer experience survey. Best Servicing Experience Audi received a gold for their excellent servicing experience (92% - 96 %) and another gold for their passenger car sales survey. Volkswagen received a silver for servicing and a gold for sales. Sales Volkswagen, along with Isuzu, took gold for sales (93.1% - 95.5%) in the light commercial vehicle segment. Next came the cavalry with BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan, Opel and Toyota all taking silver for the passenger car sales experience. Ford, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Volvo followed up the rear and were awarded bronze. Best Servicing Brands Chevrolet, Lexus and Nissan joined Volkswagen in the silver category for passenger car servicing, with BMW, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota all in the bronze category. Four brands qualified for silver in the LCV purchasing experience. They were Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan and Toyota. Mazda were excluded from all 2014 ratings due to sever in Ford partnership. "The local vehicle manufacturers and importers can be very proud of the latest Ipsos study results as a tribute to dedication to quality at all levels and extensive quality improvement programmes and intensive staff training,"  said Patrick Busschau, the Ipsos Automotive Business Unit Director. Busschau then added that, "There are still opportunities for improvement and to their credit many of the brands are constantly looking at ways to deliver a better ownership experience". "We know that the automotive market is constantly evolving and that customer expectations have changed," he said.