Who is the Cheapest Online Grocer?

Food prices have rocketed sky-high and we are constantly looking for the cheapest basic food products. We investigate the cheapest online grocer.
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Despite South Africans coming under tough economic times, retail giants in the food sector are publishing increased sales figures. But who has the cheapest and most affordable basic food products? Woolworths reported recently that their sales climbed by 45%. At the same time, Shoprite Holdings increased sales by 11.2%. Spar’s interim results saw retail turnover grow by 9.3% in the first six months of the year. PicknPay saw more levelled growth with a growing retail turnover of 6.1%. With retail giant sales booming on the one side and South Africans struggling to eat on the other, we did a quick review on the most affordable way to do your food shopping online. The results are unsurprising. food prices

A quick shop online

PnP Woolies Makro (bulk unit 6 - 20)
Maize (1kg) 10.49 12.95 10.70
Samp (1kg) 12.99 12.95 8.00
Pasta (500g) 10.99 14.95 15.95
Milk (1l) 10.49 17.45 12.83
Eggs (6) 12.49 14.99 -
Chicken (6 pack) 24.97 49.39 -
Spinach (1 bunch) 6.65 15.99 -
Tomatoes (1kg) 12.99 14.99 -
Carrots (500 grams) 4.99 9.99 -
Sugar (2.5 kgs) 34.99 37.95 20.80
Salt (500 grams) 4.49 10.95 1.80
Coffee (100 grams) 12.89 49.95 15.46
Minimum delivery 50 50 55
Total R209.42 R312.50 -

The winner is clear

Pick n Pay offers the best variety and lowest cost. Woolies costs nearly a third more per shop. And Makro does not save the consumer a lot in many of the bulk purchases and has a limited range of perishable goods.   debt review